Essay writing is a major part of academic performance. However, this is not the final stage of preparing an essay. If you have started composing an essay, you should remember that editing and proofreading are as important stages of essay completion as writing. You cannot successfully complete your paper without attentive proofreading. Many students choose to proofread their papers themselves without using professional writing services. Yet, it may lead to failure because they may easily omit some typos or serious grammar issues. When you refer to a professional proofreading service for students, you can expect a top-quality paper edited by an expert. 


What You May Expect from a Proofreading Service

If you have decided to order professional proofreading services, you do not have to spend much time. Just send us a message, “proofread my college paper”, and we will contact you to get all the details and accept your order. Before seeking professional editing and proofreading services, you may wish to know what you will get. You have to understand what you pay for. 

First of all, you need to know that apart from simple editing and proofreading services, we also provide top-quality custom-written papers. If you place an order with us, you may get professional research and writing. In this case, you will have to do nothing but place an order as we will complete all the stages of paper development. If you have already written a paper and you need academic editing and proofreading services only, you may also get those from us. Plagiarism-free delivery is the feature that differentiates us from other online services. We always check papers for plagiarism no matter whether you order complete writing or ask for editing and/or proofreading services only. Anyway, you will get a plagiarism-free paper as we do not tolerate plagiarism. 

Second, placing an order with us, you may expect to get an error-free paper completed following the highest standards of academic writing. We guarantee error-free papers because this is one of the conditions of quality writing. Do not worry about anything! Our professionals will do all possible for you.

When turning to us, you may either place an order yourself providing all the details of the paper or chat with our representatives as to your work. Our agents always help you place an order and ask all the questions regarding your paper to deliver those to the writer. Our writers need to know the detailed requirements of your paper to deliver the product you expect. Place an order with us, and we will do the job for you. You will get a perfect product that will satisfy all your needs.

If you use the services of Premium Quality Essays, you seek professional help and you will get it. We can deliver papers within several hours if you need them. Thus, if you place an urgent order, you will get it 24/7. 

Proofread My Paper Services: The Points We Check

Our proofreading service for students is ready to help you with the following points. Check a list of what we pay attention to and you make a good decision to refer to us for professional services:

  • Citations. When we proofread papers, we also check the references and ensure that you have correctly formatted the reference page and properly cited all the references in the text. We may add the references if we see that some points require a citation. 
  • Grammar errors. When editing and proofreading papers for you, our experts ensure that no errors are present in your paper. Being professional writers, they perfectly know and operate standard academic English and can notice the smallest mistakes in your papers.
  • Plagiarism. We do not limit paper proofreading by searching for errors. We check all papers we get from you for plagiarism. It allows us to find the instances of plagiarism if any, and rewrite those to ensure that you will get a unique paper.
  • Spelling. We check the spelling of each word to ensure that your paper is perfect. You will not see any spelling errors in your paper after our experts have proofread it.
  • Punctuation. We pay much attention to punctuation since this is a very tricky aspect of writing. Many students omit commas, colons, semi-colons, and other punctuation marks considering those irrelevant. Frequent and unnecessary use of punctuation is another common mistake our writers are ready to correct.

Who Will Proofread My Essay?

Placing an order with our custom writing service you wish to know who will work on it. Ordering a  proofreading service for students, you may want to ensure that a professional writer with the required qualifications will work on your paper. If you place an order with, you will get the following:

Professional researchers. We employ only experts in research and writing. Each of our writers has a degree in a particular field. We employ only those who have successfully completed their education and wrote their dissertations projects. Only these aspects can ensure that a writer can conduct research. Personal experience and everyday research and writing help our experts constantly improve their skills and make our customers happy with the final papers.

Experts. Each writer we employ has a degree in one of the fields. It allows us to accept many orders in different fields of study. When you ask us to proofread your paper, we assign a writer specialized in your field of study. Thus, you get not only a grammar check but also a detailed assessment of the content. Our writers make corrections in the content if they notice some inconsistency. 

Proofreaders. When you seek a Master’s proofreading services, you may expect that a writer with a Master’s degree is assigned to work on your paper. In using such a strategy, we guarantee that the proofreading services cover the academic level you have paid for. Thus, our writers make corrections corresponding to your required level of study. 

Native speakers. We hire native speakers only to ensure that the papers we deliver to our clients contain only properly structured sentences. Only native speakers can easily operate the English language. What is more, we have writers from Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and other countries. Thus, if you need a writer from a particular country, just inform us.

Hire Experts

A quality proofreading service for students allows us to help you hand in perfect papers. Many of our customers adore the writing process and want to complete papers themselves. Yet, the lack of experience and knowledge may prevent them from getting the highest grades. When they use our services, we guarantee that the papers will obtain maximum grades. All works we proofread do not have errors. Ordering our proofreading services you check your papers for errors and content inconsistencies. Make a favor for you, order editing from us, and enjoy good grades.

How to Make Complex Orders an Easy Job

If you have to complete a specific paper on a complicated topic and you wish to proofread it, we can help you. We have experts in different fields of study. So, the subjects you consider complicated are a specialization for one of our writers who can easily operate the required terms.

Difference between Editing and Proofreading

Sometimes students confuse editing and proofreading considering those the same. Yet, this is not so. Editing and proofreading are two different services we offer. When you work on the paper, you write a draft and further edit it to ensure that you have provided the information you wished, that the facts are logical, and the information flows smoothly. Proofreading is usually the final stage when you have already arranged the facts and all you need is just to check the sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. Proofreading rarely includes correction of content as in most cases you have already completed the work with content on the editing stage. Editing and proofreading are not interchangeable notions. What is more, these two stages supplement and support each other. You cannot edit the paper without proofreading or proofread without editing if you wish to get the highest grade.

Why Use

If you place an order with us, you may expect to get the following benefits:

  • On-time delivery. When placing an order you set a deadline. We guarantee that our experts always deliver your paper within this time. We also work with short deadlines. 
  • Top-quality. Each order we work on meets the highest standards of academic writing. No matter what service you order, we always ensure that the final product is free from errors and fully corresponds to your requirements. 
  • Privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee that no one ever knows that you have turned to us. We can keep secrets. Our policy of confidentiality guarantees that your private-sensitive data is never shared with third parties and used only for contact purposes. 

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How to Place an Order with

If you have decided to place an order with, you need to know the algorithm. It will not take much time. Mind that you may place an order any time of the day or night.

First, you have a form to fill in

The first step in our order system is to let us know the details of your paper by filling in our form

Second, track your online essays

We provide direct communication between you and the assigned writer, which is highly encouraged

Third, get your finished paper

The only thing that is left for you to do is click the “Download a File” button so that you can finally get your hands on your final paper.


  1. Press the button “Order Now” and choose either editing or proofreading depending on your needs. Set the number of pages, the academic level, and the citation style.
  2. Pay for the services ordered. All the payment processes are conducted through secure transactions. We do not store your information and ask for contact details to be able to call or message you in case we need some clarifications on your side.
  3. As soon as our agents have verified the payment, they start searching for the writer to work on your order. Leave all the order details in the description field. If you have something to add, you may send a message directly to the writer. It makes the communication process fast and easy.
  4. A ready paper is available for download on your account within your deadline. You also get an email notification about the file availability. You may also ask that our agents deliver your paper to your email. 

Let Us Help You

If you have never used our proofreading service for students, you may not understand the advantages of this opportunity. Just have a look at what you may get if you order these services with us. You write a paper yourself. You conduct research, check information, and write a paper preserving your writing style. When you place an order with us, we check the content and eliminate errors you may leave in your paper. We also check it from plagiarism to ensure that the final paper you will hand in corresponds to the superior quality of academic writing. Order polishing services from us and get the highest grades.

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