Defining Marketing Plan 

A marketing plan is a document that summarizes a business marketing strategy and highlights the stages the company will undergo to achieve its promotional and marketing goals. A marketing plan should not only describe each stage but also cover the financial aspect, i.e. calculate the approximate cost of the campaign.

Our marketing plan writing service provides a more comprehensive definition of a marketing plan, which states that this business document should summarize all marketing efforts of an organization. A wisely chosen marketing mix is the basis for an effective marketing strategy. In general, the main functions of a marketing plan can be described as follows:

  • strategy
  • tactics

This means that along with describing what a company should do, a marketing plan has to provide a detailed and clear explanation of how this should be done.  Strategic planning in many organizations is a careful process during which their marketing team plans the actions of the organization a year ahead. Some companies nowadays are trying to plan for longer periods. 

A marketing plan should offer a specific and well-formulated marketing strategy and calculate its outcomes. A marketing plan allows a degree of flexibility associated with unpredictable situations but the strategy should be based on solid facts and careful calculations; otherwise, the document cannot be regarded as useful. There are marketing plans for products, brands, or even groups of customers. A marketing plan is the initial and the decisive stage of the marketing process. 

A marketing plan should include the following structural components:

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Market Situation Analysis
  • SWOT / Opportunities 
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation Stages
  • Budget
  • Performance Evaluation and Control

Clear Guide to Writing an Impressive Marketing Plan 

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  • Executive Summary. This section will present the gist of the marketing plan. In particular, it will describe the main findings, summarize the recommendations and the goals the company is planning to pursue.
  • Market Situation Analysis. This section of the marketing plan presents a brief but comprehensive description of the situation on the market, including such aspects as its size and the main trends. Such an analysis is necessary to put the marketing strategy in context and provide a rationale for the recommendations that follow. To make the situational analysis more comprehensive, a writer should identify and evaluate the external environment of the organization, characterize the consumer behavior, paying particular attention to the reasons behind their choice of particular products. besides, such external factors as competition and competitor’s strategies should also be taken into account.
  • SWOT / Opportunities. This is one of the key sections of the analysis, in which the writer will provide an objective evaluation of the company's strengths and weaknesses and then discuss which threats and opportunities it faces. The analysis helps substantiate the choice of the marketing strategy. 
  • Objectives and Goals. The quality of this section is guaranteed owing to the qualifications of our writers. We hire Masters and Ph.D. degree holders with relevant experience allowing them to define suitable goals and objectives that will enable the chosen company to improve the performance. Business goals a pertinent to the market share and the position of the brand, sales, income, and profit, etc. The writers will choose suitable KPIs to measure the performance of the company. The marketing goals will be aimed at attracting new customers and increasing customer retention rates, increasing the product’s usability, etc. 

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How to Make Your Marketing Plan Brilliant

A successful marketing plan should be well-written, specific, and clear. In particular, the features of a great marketing plan are:

  • Realistic and measurable goals. For example, increasing sales by 11%.
  • Clearly defined deadlines for each task.
  • Calculated budget for every marketing campaign
  • There are people responsible for every activity
  • There is a logical connection between the goals and the proposed activities.

For example, if a company is aiming for fresh inquiries, their plan should include professional training and describe the necessary resources. If not, the inquiries will generate sales, leading to increased costs with zero benefits. 

Building Strategies

First, thoroughly analyze the external environment to acknowledge the existing threats and opportunities. Once the strengths are identified, think of the ways to capitalize them. Come up with the strategies to surmount the obstacles. 

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Competent Marketing Plan Writing Assistance

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