What do you know about memo writing? Do you actually know what a memo is? Most students have a very vague understanding and keep asking, “Who can help me write a memo?” If you are one of them, this article is just for you. Here, we are going to explain what a perfect memo is and how to get one easily.

First, let’s deal with the theory. A “memo” stands for a “memorandum” that is an effective tool of business communication. This short piece of writing is to be information-bearing, as well as clear and easy to comprehend. For example, a person might send a memo to explain some actions or announce specific changes that are going to be implemented in the company. Very often, people use a memo to describe a troublesome issue and justify urgent actions to be taken. As you might see, you can use this message in a great variety of situations. Hence, if you are eager to succeed in a business career, you have to possess proficient writing skills. 


Why Should I Hire a Professional to Help Me Write a Memo?

Writing is always a time-consuming process. In case you are overloaded with duties and assignments, hiring a professional writer is the only reasonable decision. Of course, there is another way. You might download a sample of a memorandum and fill it with your data just changing some parts a bit. However, you have to understand that the quality of such a piece may be low. If you need a superior memo, you need to resort to the help of an expert. Our professionals know how to create top-notch custom papers to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. When working on your memo, your writer always takes into account the following:

  • The target audience. To a large extent, the tone of the piece and even the language used depend on the intended readers. In such a manner, your message to a professor or employer will be more formal than to a friend or classmate. At the same time, each memo has to be clear and concise. In the business world, every minute counts. So, you have to understand that your recipient will have no extra time to spend on reading redundant parts. In this case, less is more. 
  • The purpose. When reading a memorandum, your intended reader need to easily understand the purpose of the piece, be it persuading, inviting to an event, informing about changes, or expressing gratitude. An effective memo always has a specific purpose.
  • Proper grammar. In academic assignments, proper grammar can earn you extra credit. In business writing, the absence of errors may leave your audience with a positive impression of the author, meaning you. As a result, you may have more authority in the eyes of your readers and your memo will be more impactful.

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How a Memo Is Constructed

If you think, “I do not need anyone to write me a memo,” you can try to create a memorandum on your own. So, let us discuss the structure for you to understand the task accordingly. When writing a memo, you have to include the following parts and consider these elements:


The header includes information about the author, intended readers (recipients), memo subject, and date. There is no strict order for these elements. So, you can arrange them in any way you consider appropriate. The author’s name is needed in order to confirm the authenticity of the message and assume responsibility for the information sent. If your memorandum contains several pages, consider creating a separate heading for each.


Unlike in most academic assignments, a summary goes at the beginning of a memo. The goal is to acquaint the recipient with the issue at hand. This information has to equip the reader with the needed information to understand the purpose of the document. The length of this element depends on the length of a memo and your vision.


How to Write a Great Memo: Short and Effective Instructions 


If your memo is long, you need to add a short paragraph to explain the significance of the document and provide context. A good introduction answers the following questions:

  1. Why do you write a memo? Name the subject and explain the purpose of the paper.
  2. Who is it addressed to? Contextualize your letter.
  3. What is the memo going to speak about? It is not a summary of a document but a roadmap to help the reader navigate better.


It is the longest and most important part of your memorandum. To enhance the readability of the paper and help the recipient understand it, you might break up the document into logical sections. Headings are to be clear and reasonably short. Use a different text style (bold, italics, underlined, a different font size, etc.). Ensure that the writing is coherent and has logical transitions.


This part can be omitted in formal argumentative memos. In other cases, it might be beneficial to inform your reader about the future action. 


As we have discussed, the level of formality depends on the intended readers. However, in any case, ensure that your memo is logical and understandable. Avoid bias, colloquial expressions, and unnecessary complications. Even if you talk about complex matters, the reader should be able to comprehend your message.


Traditionally, a memo is single-spaced with additional spacing between paragraphs. Make paragraphs reasonably short since people usually find it difficult to read long pieces of plain text.


Preferably, use a semi-formal tone. Try to be convenient and professional but not too formal and boring. In any case, choose the style with your audience in mind.

Why You Should Choose Us

If you ask us, “Why should I pay someone to write me a memo?” we have a very simple answer. With us, you can be absolutely confident that your memo will be a success! Memos are widely used in business, academic, and legal environments. They have to inform the intended audience about urgent and important matters. 

Preparing a memo as a part of your take-home work can hardly train you in communication. In this case, students strive to receive high grades and not improve their writing skills. This shifted focus turns an interesting endeavor into a boring task. In addition, in popular culture, for instance, TV dramas from the 90s, memos are used as a symbol of something passive-aggressive and unpleasant. Thus, we clearly understand why you might be willing to delegate this task to our specialists. Our experts are always ready to provide you with needed assistance. We are here whenever you might think, “Who can help me write a memo?”

Do you remember the memos sent by the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter film series? Our writers always have this image as an example of a perfect memo that can influence the reader. Let us create a perfect memorandum for you! 

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