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Marketing Plan for Nike Athletics

The research centers on the Nike’s athletic footwear and seeks to establish how the organization has utilized the concept of integrated marketing plan as a tool for marketing its products. The research will...


Is Digital Marketing a Force for Good or Evil?

Marketing is a very vital function of an organization, and many companies strive to use the best approaches in marketing for them to succeed. Through marketing, businesses can create, communicate, and deliver their...


Stories That Changed America

The 20th century can be named as the age of dirt. Two World Wars, the rise of totalitarian regimes, new “dirty” industrial technologies and new “dirty” techniques of making money. At the beginning...


Book Review: The Black Regulars

This paper brings forth a review of the book The Black Regulars written by William A. Dobak and Thomson D. Philips. The review analyzes relevance of the literature source for a historian in the modern...


Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies

Founded in 1994, Amazon Inc. is an online book retailer with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It operates in two business segments, which are North American and...


Economics Tools and Concept Paper

Health itself cannot be sold or bought, but goods and services which allow maintaining or restoring it are available on market. However, many ordinary goods and...


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