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Top Down Budgeting Method

Budgeting is a very important process, which can be aimed at the maximization of all the benefits, which can be got from the public spending with the use of all available resources.


Pennsylvania Politics House Bill 1848

Policy changes in Pennsylvania take place mostly during the election year. Pennsylvania is looking into changing the way judges get into office. Currently, judges are elected and House Bill 1848 is seeking to enable judges to get into office...


Decolonizing International Relations Politics

As a discipline, international relations or IR in short is founded on a number of historical oversights and selective amnesia. The international relations theory largely dwells on matters that assume nation-states just coming into being...


US Politics & Foreign Policy: The Cold War

The grounds of cold war are not difficult to determine; however, there are many misconceptions concerning the reasons and culprits. In the West, there is a popular tendency to view the Soviet Union as the only responsible side.


The Impact of Liberal Political Theory on Modern British Society and Politics

Liberal political philosophy has been related to ideas regarding matters that deal with individual rights in the society and the position given to the government/state when it comes to these rights. Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, and John...


Business Functions

Businesses strive to acquire large customer bases through competition. Competition is healthy only if it is carried out in a fair manner. Fair trade is one of the principles that govern healthy competition in the business world.


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