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Squatting Through Violence According to Macel Mauss

According to Simon, there are two main divisions of human beings namely those known to squat as well as those know to sit (Leung 2011: 121). Those who squat are said to be uncivilized while those who sit are said to be civilized group.


The Enlightenment in View of Famous Philosophers

Enlightenment refers to the intellectual and social phenomenon accured in Western Europe during the eighteenth century. According to Osborne (1998), the enlightenment is just a family of intellectual ideas that emphasized the primary reasons in the organization of social and political life.


London Spitalfields Saturday Style Market Analysis

This work is a market research paper that is based on the London Spitalfields Saturday Style Market.


Assessment of Operating Systems Security Vulnerabilities

Operating system is very important for an effective work of an organization.Nevertheless, operating system is often exposed to different threats, which come from Internet or various users who plan hacker attacks.


Obama’s Humanitarian Intervention in Syria

Humanitarian intervention is generally comprehended to be a trans-border application of military force so as to stop or avoid large-scale and serious human distress, and is a matter that has attracted much intellectual attention in the recent years.


Revenue Recognition Principle

Revenue recognition is an important principle, and there are different methods of revenue recognition that are applied in organizations when it comes to accounting processes.


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