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Emerging Trends in Online Social Media

Marketing communications is one of the components of the marketing mix used to involve the customers into a conversation to establish relationships between a company and its consumers...


Marketing Case Analysis - Australia Tea Marketing

In order to survive in a competitive business environment, companies must identify their strong areas and capitalize on them in a way that can give them leverage over their competitors.


Marketing Across Cultures

Marketing across different countries often implies understanding the cultures, in which the company is operating and thus striving to meet the needs and expectations of the customers in the new country.


Marketing Management of the Coca-Cola Product

Product marketing is a significant aspect of the present-day supply chain, and frequently necessitates good management by a marketing organization for success. Moreover, it offers the...


Multicultural Marketing Advertising

In the modern conditions of increasing globalization and unification in many spheres of social life, culture can become a barrier on the way to standardization. Reduction of time of information transmission...


Zara Marketing Plan

Zara Company is a famous accessories and clothing retailer. This company requires a marketing plan to overcome weaknesses and reinforce its strengths. This marketing plan consists of the following...


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