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Puritanism in American Intellectual and Cultural Life

Puritanism was a sixteenth century reform movement that originated with the Church of England. In the 17th century, Engl...


Ways of Seeing by John Berger

Ways of Seeing by John Berger provides new insights into the way we perceive art. To begin with, the discourse touches t...


Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the temperature rise on the surface because of thermal energy, which appears in the atmosphere...


Should Americans Worry About the National Debt

Howard Dayton, the author of “Your Money Map”, assumed that over 40% of American families spend more money t...


Egyptian Art and Culture

Introduction When, where and why has an art appeared? It is impossible to give an accurate and simple answer. It did not...


Women of Japanese Art

The culture of Japan comes into a more understood focus in the first centuries. Japan profoundly got its transformation during the first years of the Asuka period, ranging from 552 till 646 C.E.


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