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Oil Prices and Petrol Exporting Nations’ Economy

Varying implicit suppositions with respect to the reaction of the total value level to changes in total interest underlie a considerable number of the most critical debates in the field...


Marketing Principles According to Kotler

According to Kotler, the concept of marketing means the objective of ‘finding and filling needs’. In his earlier publication, Kotler defines the term ‘marketing’ as “a societal process by which individuals...


Marketing Management

Significance of marketing management is in its functions that are aimed at the distribution of products and/or services. Based on the ideas of Philip Kotler, marketing management is “the combination of analysis...


Strategic Marketing

Customer relations imply the way a given organization relates with its current and future customers. For a business organization, customers. For a business organization, customers are the most important stakeholders as they are...


Sephora Direct: Investing In Social Media, Video, and Mobile

The beauty business is one of the most changing, fast moving, and profitable industry in the world today. Various participants are prominent because of their involvement with highly esteemed consumer products...


Food Companies Marketing

Nabisco is one of the largest food companies in the world. Since its inception in 1898, the company has grown tremendously through mergers, acquisitions and exceptional marketing strategies.


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