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The Harp of Burma and In the Realm of a Dying Emperor

The novel The Harp of Burma of Michio Takeyama disproved the myth of the cruelty of the Japanese army and showed the real unfeigned feelings of these soldiers, who, by virtue of a number of circumstances, found themselves face to face with death.


John Kelly's The Graves are Walking

John Kelly in his "The Graves are Walking" provides an outstanding analysis of the period of the Great Famine and its consequences for the Irish people.


The Relationship between Test Anxiety and Learned Helplessness

The major objective of the study was to examine the relationship between test anxiety and learned helplessness. The part...


History of Condoms

According to the dictionaries, condom can be defined in the several ways. Condom is a barrier type means of contraceptio...


The Relation of Media Technologies and Human Behaviors

It is impossible to imagine modern society without huge amounts of information, which with the help of computer technologies are actively circulating in different spheres of human life and dramatically change the dynamics of social processes.


Automotive Industry

In any developed economy, the auto industry is one of the basic industries. In the automotive segment, which employs hundreds of thousands of workers, the products of this industry make up a large share of GDP.


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