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History of Condoms

According to the dictionaries, condom can be defined in the several ways. Condom is a barrier type means of contraceptio...


The Relation of Media Technologies and Human Behaviors

It is impossible to imagine modern society without huge amounts of information, which with the help of computer technologies are actively circulating in different spheres of human life and dramatically change the dynamics of social processes.


The Mute Immortals Speak by Suzanne Stetkevych

Introduction Analysis of the poems under the iconic mirror of Suzanne Stetkevych depicts an elucidation of an attack to...


I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olsen

The theme of the literary work is presupposed by an unfavorable time span of American history, namely the Great Depression. The United States was on the verge of taking a new historic turn.


A Chinese Banquet by Kitty Tsui

Introduction In the synthesis of "A Chinese Banquet" by Kitty Tsui, there is depiction of the tribulations of a Chinese...


Clay Walls

The novel, Clay Walls, is written by Ronyoung Kim, who was an American immigrant from Korea. Being a migrant living in A...


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