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Frankenstein: a Story about Man and His Creation

While it is possible to state that all of these ideas have been disclosed in the novel, we still cannot clearly identify who was playing on the side of good and who was representing evil.


Brunetto Latini and Count Ugolino in Dante's Inferno

For a moralist, Dante’s Inferno is a museum where a punctilious bureaucrat Dante, being guided by certain regulations, classified sins by their severity.


Shelley's Frankenstein

In a modern world, a number of scientific attempts have been already made and will be made in order to improve human lif...


The Stranger Novel by Albert Camus

The stranger is a novel written by Albert Camus and published in 1946. The novel was written in such a way that the themes and the deep understanding of the text are viewed as examples of reality. Although the writer Camus did not display himself as responsible but displayed various ways of philosophies like being absurd, natural, nihilist and determined.


The War in Afghanistan

Since the Civil War broke out in Afghanistan on 27 April 1978, the country has had little to celebrate. It grappled with political violence, dysfunctional government, and economic development.


55 Miles to the Gas Pump: Skeletons in the Closet Invoke Curiosity

There are many reasons to draw attention to the short story, 55 Miles to the Gas Pump, written by Annie Proulx: first, i...


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