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Cormac McCarthy “All the Pretty Horses”

All The Pretty Horses is a stunning success and a story of dispossession. The story talks about a boy who loses his family and home, moreover, his future dream too.


Local Governments and Electric Vehicles

The development of electric vehicles has faced a lot of challenges especially in terms of providing the electricity charging infrastructure. This has been said to be a “three-way” chicken-and-egg conundrum where customers are ready to purchase such vehicles on condition that their recharging would be easy.


Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention

Other than identifying patients with factors of risk of lower limb amputation and educating them, nurses make a follow-up to the homes, especially to the individuals with visual impairment caused by diabetes.


"Dibs: In Search of Myself" by Virginia Axline

"Dibs: In Search of Myself" is a book that describes the behavior of Dibs during psychotherapy sessions with Virginia Axline. This book shows the basics of the game therapy method and can be used as a source of information about the psyche of autistic children.


Kelly's Perspective On the Robots Replacement

Robots will take over human jobs and it is our task as people to assist them in doing so. In the article “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will – And Must – Take Our Jobs” written by Kevin Kelly, he argues that the above statement is a clear depiction of the future labor market, where robots will perform human jobs, while the new human job will be to make sure that the old human jobs are eventually assigned to robots.


St. Augustine's Theory of Liberty in 'The Confessions'

St. Augustine's theory of liberty in “The Confessions” Augustine still remains as the latest patristic and also the leading medieval father of Christianity in the West.


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