Roger Goodell Worth His Lofty Salary

The article, Roger Goodell Worth His Lofty Salary by Darren Rovell, tells us about cognominal person who have played an extensive role in league expansion, stadium development, strategic planning, and his unworthy salary rate compering with the contribution and progress he has brought for National Football League (NLA).

The first part of the article concentrates on Goodell’s amount of salary he has earned in 2011 in comparison with the other executives in similar positions. The author highlights that the commissioner works for a much smaller company but a really successful one. Regardless his relatively easy job, according to fans’ opinion, Goodell reached many merits of work he did in recent years than someone else on Wall Street, which earned much more.


In summary the author argues that, for league the current challenges of the game are more complicated than the other difficulties in the past twenty years and a general assumption that league is on an autopilot it is at least unfair.

This article is an excellent example of a human devoted to his work and convictions, despite surrounding circumstances and some critic or disregard for the results of its labor. People nowadays, in their most part, prefer employment with a worthy and high salary rate, when the other one considers whether he/she like the job or not. In my opinion, there is one basic indication that affects the productivity and efficiency of work; it is the personal attitude to your job.

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After reading this article, I convinced once again that being devoted to your job motivates you to run for the company, to set goals to achieve, and to move toward your aim. And when you get the one, you do not want to leave to the other company, and then your work results and achievements will be obvious.

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