Confucianism - the School of Philosophical Thought

Confucius is a founder of the school of philosophical thought, and the greatest thinker and educator in China. He adjusted his ideas to the requirements of the current era, and subsequent thinkers further developed them. This paper examines the influence of Confucius on the modern world and society.

Confucius is more than just a man. He became a kind of a symbol and represented both country itself and its spirit, and the Chinese people are proud of him. However, it is important to note that the majority of natives, apparently, do not understand the true meaning of Confucius’ thoughts. While talking about him with the Chinese, they will undoubtedly tell right away that he was a great man and mentor, but at the same time find that they are almost unaware of his teachings.

In Confucianism, perfect society is called Da Tong. I think that this society was a utopian even for Confucius. He dreamed of a community, but knew that it was not feasible, at least during his lifetime. He realized the way to the top of social reform: to start with the most simple, establish basic social values that define them, and explain them in simple terms, so that they are understood by most of ordinary people.

The values that were once considered important are seemed insignificant and unnecessary today. Most people understand the importance of traditional Confucius default in that everyone has to take care of others, to do good deeds, etc. These people have been taught at home, in school, so we believe that they are human values. In fact, Confucius created an ideal behavior due to these values.


Society at the time of Confucius, as nowadays, was very diverse and chaotic. This happened because moral values that should be the fundamentals of social behavior and interactions were not in demand. Of course, sometimes they are not lost, and it seems to be known. However, in our modern society people cannot vouch for the fact that they will be guided by them in their actions. Probably, the same standards of behavior and morality were at the time, perhaps there were some standards of behavior for different levels of society. However, Confucius felt that society was sick, and the disease stemmed from a misunderstanding of moral values and lack of awareness of the benefits guided by them in life. By demonstrating a surprising degree of self-confidence, which sometimes is seen by some as his pride, Confucius said that society is sick and he had a cure for this disease - his own teachings.

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Since present social situation resemble the one that was in the days of Confucius, I believe that the teachings given by the master can be used nowadays. At a first glance, it may seem unlikely that in our modern society exercises started thousands of years ago are useful, but after a more in-depth analysis, we can clearly see why it is not. The teaching of Confucius is not an instruction for the people; it is the one that has a social purpose.

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According to Confucius, dominant position was occupied by the idea of a mere social order and harmony. He believed that former was the most fundamental requirement, and other goals and ideas should be considered only after achieving this one. Master knew that a healthy cohesive society, including sublime disinterested ideas and principles - is the best way to achieve personal benefit for everyone. Realizing that the true well-fair is good for society, he laid the foundation for building a just society. Presently, all mankind is trying to live by this principle.

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To sum up, it should be noted that Confucianism is not a panacea for social chaos we have now, but, anyway, it is an honest look and approach to human nature and to what truly defines our actions. It is a fresh look at the ways of achieving social order and personal benefit, which will simultaneously be a collective well-being.

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