Review - essays

Evolution: True or False

In the book Science, Evolution, and Creationism, the main message is that the study on biological evolution has transformed and shifted human understanding of...


Training and Skill Development as a Practice of Managing Employees

HR managers are investing resources in training and empowering their workers due to the changing needs in the industry. Employee training and development has become synonymous...


Stories That Changed America

The 20th century can be named as the age of dirt. Two World Wars, the rise of totalitarian regimes, new “dirty” industrial technologies and new “dirty” techniques of making money. At the beginning...


Book Review: The Black Regulars

This paper brings forth a review of the book The Black Regulars written by William A. Dobak and Thomson D. Philips. The review analyzes relevance of the literature source for a historian in the modern...


The Effectiveness of the Drug Awareness Resistance Education Program

Tobler et al. performed a meta-analysis of 144 published studies to assess the effectiveness of school-based drug prevention programs, sometimes referred to...


Cider House Rules - a Movie by Lasse Hallstrom

The movie by Lasse Hallstrom is centered on the life and choice of an orphan at St. Clouds. The movie The Cider House Rules is based on the classical novel of the same name by John Irving.


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