Review - essays

55 Miles to the Gas Pump: Skeletons in the Closet Invoke Curiosity

There are many reasons to draw attention to the short story, 55 Miles to the Gas Pump, written by Annie Proulx: first, i...


John Kelly's The Graves are Walking

John Kelly in his "The Graves are Walking" provides an outstanding analysis of the period of the Great Famine and its consequences for the Irish people.


Sustainable Consumer Behavior

The old corporate adage has for decades a rule that no business is supposed to ethically be held liable or accountable for anything beyond tax contributions and shareholder value maximization.


Stories That Changed America

The 20th century can be named as the age of dirt. Two World Wars, the rise of totalitarian regimes, new “dirty” industrial technologies and new “dirty” techniques of making money. At the beginning...


Book Review: The Black Regulars

This paper brings forth a review of the book The Black Regulars written by William A. Dobak and Thomson D. Philips. The review analyzes relevance of the literature source for a historian in the modern...


Cider House Rules - a Movie by Lasse Hallstrom

The movie by Lasse Hallstrom is centered on the life and choice of an orphan at St. Clouds. The movie The Cider House Rules is based on the classical novel of the same name by John Irving.


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