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The research paper touches upon the performance of First Aid Beauty, Ltd. It discusses the background of the company, its main products and competitors. The paper outlines the main directions of the products’ distribution within the new area. First, it discusses and explains the main region, which will become the beneficial distribution platform. Second, the paper explains the main concept regarding distribution of the company inputs and outputs. It also discusses peculiarities of the target audience. The final point of the paper touches upon cultural issues and opportunities of the company in the proposed region.

Marketing Research

First Aid Beauty, Ltd. is the famous company within the U.S. borders known for its natural skin care products. It is a new company, which started rapidly growing in 2009. The company’s headquarter is located in Newton, Massachusetts. First Aid Beauty (FAB) is a company, which strives to make its products simple, natural and effective. However, the company provides its customers with luxurious beauty products. Regardless of the company’s pricing policy, thousands of women in the USA have already made their choices in favor of FAB. The company approves of every word written on the package of their products. In fact, the company’s traditional production roots to the intention of the founder, Lilli Gordon, to create products able to take care of women’s skin. Lilli Gordon could not find a product, which would meet her needs as a businessperson and a loving mom. She wanted to create the ultimate product, which will grant millions of people all over the world with care, comfort and appropriate nutrition. Gordon realized that she could find the products, which were effective, but were almost equal to medicine, or had a perfect scent, but were harmful to sensitive skin. That became the reason Gordon decided to create several product lines, which would meet the needs of women of all ages. The company produces beauty and skincare products, which include eye and lip care, body beauty products, serums and treatments, skincare kits, moisturizers and cleansers. The company offers its customers to shop by product or concern. It helps the customer to choose an appropriate product category according to his needs. In addition, the customer can choose a product according to his skin type. In fact, the company offers its customers the diversity of products, which will meet the needs of any woman. Dermatologists tested and approved all products produced by the company. That is the reason customers trust the company. All FAB’s products have a perfect balance between science and nature. This combination makes FAB’s products safe and effective.

The chosen product line includes cleansers, exfoliators and masks. In fact, this product line is appropriate for women of different ages. It fits skin care patterns of any women, helping her to protect her skin health and beauty. This product line includes a face cleanser, skin rescue deep cleanser, facial radiance polish, facial radiance pads, gentle cleansing wipes, facial radiance overnight mask, ultra repair instant oatmeal mask, skin rescue purifying mask with red clay and ultra repair wash. These products perfectly fit the needs of any woman, giving her the first aid beauty, as the company’s name stands for. Moreover, this category of the company’s products will be appropriate for the starting point of business in other countries. It is essential to introduce new products in other countries in order to let the company grow and expand its boundaries of the performance. In fact, the chosen product line will acquaint thousands of women with new products, which can transform their patterns in taking care of their skin. It will help to arouse interest among women, who will be striving to try more. In addition, this product line is perfect for telling customers about the traditional concept of the company. Products are simple, as long as they relate to the description of the product on the box.

The company can achieve the diversity of opportunities from distribution of the chosen product line. The company will gain trust from the selected target audience in another region. It will help to arouse interest from partners, investors and suppliers at the same time. Magazines and newspapers will spread the word about the company, which managed to introduce a brand new approach towards production of skin care products. It is rational to start spreading the selected group of FAB’s products. The company will manage to impress women with high-quality products and outstanding effects. It will not take a long time to notice that the products company offers are effective. Surveys and polls will help the company to collect feedback from the customers, establish trusting relations, and evaluate whether the target audience is willing to try another product line.


Since the company did not start its performance long time ago, it is free to distribute its products almost in any area of the world. However, it is important to select countries with a common set of traditions and values. In fact, these countries include Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus and Moldova. The selected top-five countries have its reasons for distribution of the FAB’s product line. These countries have a high penetration of the companies, which produce beauty products that are not effective enough for contemporary women. Obviously, these countries have enough companies, which can become competitors on the way to the FAB’s successful implementation. These competitors include Nivea, Garnier, Shiseido, Clean & Clear, Clinique, Vichy, L’Oreal, Yves Rocher, Avon, Oriflame, etc. These companies are widely spread in the Eastern Europe. In addition, these countries have a common set of values, traditions and principles of living. It will help to establish similar principles and values of leading business. Moreover, it will help to evaluate behavioral patterns of customers regarding the purchase of the product.


In order to start the business effectively, it is important to choose one country and one city as the starting point of business development. Ukraine with its capital can become an effective boost of the FAB’s product line distribution. It is the center of Europe, which cooperates with different regions of Europe. It neighbors with countries mentioned above and, as a result, can become an effective platform to boost the spread of the product line within the selected area. It is necessary to spread the chosen product within countries sharing borders. It will help to transit the products between countries. Kiev can become the starting point spreading the word in the press about the new product line. It will grip attention of women. Those women who try these products first, will be willing to offer them to their friends and relatives to try out as well. In fact, customers and press will quickly spread information about brand new tendency in skin care. Kiev will become a platform, attracting customers from the neighboring countries because of the high rate of tourists visiting the city annually.

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In order to make the distribution of the product successful, it is essential to evaluate the target audience, which will probably enjoy the product. In addition, it is necessary to take into consideration age and level of income, which will make the product line available. The selected product line has a flexible pricing policy, which makes the product available to different groups of customers (Javalgi, Whipple, & Ghosh, 2005). In Kiev, girls and women from 16 to 40 will formulate the target audience. Teenagers and mature women shape the majority of females willing to take care of their skin. In addition, the target audience is willing to have a balanced product line of skin care products, which can give both health and beauty. The selected product line not only has a flexible diversity of products, but also can help the customer choose a combination of products according to the skin type. That is the reason customers will only benefit from purchasing the product. In fact, the target audience should have a medium level of income, which will allow purchasing several products at once, in order to establish a comprehensive approach towards skin care. Despite the fact that FAB offers its customers products from the luxurious category of goods, it can provide it with high-quality products able to change the traditional skin care patterns of East-European women. In addition, it will help women with low-income status fit in the budget and enjoy the privilege of using the brand new product line. The target audience will include women of different occupations like students, doctors, managers, teachers, attorneys, engineers, accountants and other. Regardless of the occupation, level of income, and skin type, women will be able to afford the offered product. It will create a new tendency on the market of Ukraine. Women will spread the word and will encourage other women to try the product. As a result, the company will distribute the product line in Ukraine, and then in other four countries. In fact, it will introduce new product lines in order to meet needs of women in the selected region.

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FAB may face the diversity of cultural issues. However, the company can easily transform cultural issues into opportunities. It is an art to transform problems into challenges, which can finally become opportunities for the company’s further development. In fact, the diversity of cultural issues includes a desire of Ukrainian women to have natural beauty products. According to the traditions of the region, women obtained many recipes from their grandmothers, which can help to save youth and beauty. It can become a challenge to prove the women that the selected product line does not contain any harmful chemicals, which can ruin the natural balance of the skin. However, such magazines as Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan can become respective sources of information for women. The selected target audience should see that the product line is safe for health and can help to make the skin shine. FAB can easily transform the first cultural issue of women into the opportunity to conquer a new segment of the market. The company should use the opportunity to spread the word through mass media. The selected target audience should know that the offered product line is free from harmful chemicals, includes natural components, and fights with acne and eczema. Ukrainian women should know that they are lucky to afford the product, which can breathe in a new life into their skin care pattern.

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Another cultural issue, which FBA may face, is that women lost their belief in the theory that cosmetics and skin care products can contain only natural products. It may become a challenge to prove that products are both 100% natural and that the price will approve the product’s efficiency. However, there is an opportunity to solve this issue. FBA may cooperate with magazines in order to bring samples of products to the customers. Free testers will attract women and encourage them to purchase the full bottle of the product. As a result, the company will attract the target audience and will prove that the company is capable of providing women with high-quality products, which can replace some of the products, which women used earlier.

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