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The Brazilian Fast Food company is among the world's biggest and complex companies in its business practices and development. The part has reliably become quicker than the general Brazilian economy and has gotten to be one of the principle development territories, utilized as an extension methodology, even by the more conventional retail organizations. The quality of nearby brands postures extraordinary difficulties for outside products to enter the business sector. On the other hand, the present business sector size and future development figure of the Brazilian economy and particularly its internal management puts Brazil on just about everybody's review of needs with regards to new developing markets and where to extend.

Establishments are specially initiated in the Brazilian economy due to the demonstrated plan of action that significantly diminishes the dangers of another organization going broke in the course of the initial three years of operation. In conjunction with the change of Brazil's financial circumstance amid a previous couple of decades, the business sector saw a steady development though in the middle of financial emergencies and demonstrated development rates over the Brazilian Growth Domestic Product. Establishments represent around 25% of gross income in the retail part. Neighborhood Brazilian institutions overcome the business sector (90%); nonetheless, outdoor gatherings, especially from the U.S., are making progress.

The primary external element that influences business environment is the financial condition, and the prevailing economic states of the country will affect the spending. Increments in loan costs and an abnormal state of unemployment will discourage utilization of everyday products and administrations. The second element is the business market or competition; the quality of business competition is a continually changing variable in the outside business environment. Contenders tend to travel all the way as well as change promoting procedures, product marketing and costs. Frequently, such changes are not proclaimed, and business people must be informed of the matter of what competitors are doing. The third is the technology; technological change has been quick in the most recent 50 years and it is a component of the external environment that continually applies weight on the business or association. On the off chance that organizations do not adjust adequately rapidly to mechanical change, they risk losing the entire business enterprise.

The fourth factor is media; the media experiences quick and significant change. The primary driver of this change is innovation and the advancement of the web. Daily papers once conveyed numerous pages of occupation adverts; yet now, this business is led by online enrollment organizations. The fifth one is political element such as law, and changes in government arrangement can be all around informed and talked about. The example of influence of government strategy is the fact that numerous associations rely on upon government money related help. At the point, when there is a change of government, such subsidizing help can disappear in a short space of time. The final element is the demographic component; there is a consistent shift in the make-up of the populace. Some of these progressions incorporate an expanding extent of elderly subjects, expanding the number of two-wage families and the age at which individuals marry grows, expanding ethnic differing qualities; rural areas that were once commanded by young families now have few of them. These demographic changes can have a huge impact locally.


In Brazil, some environmental factors advocate the other countries investment in the country. The first one is the demographic factor; there is an increasing growth of population in Brazil, which creates a market for the U.S. fast food companies and other brick and mortar retailers. Since the population is high, there will be an increase in demand. The other factor is the political stability that exists in the country. Brazil is well known to be a peaceful country that creates a platform for investors.


Both nations have marketing organizations technique that has various advantages to push an advertising effort. For one thing, when one teams up with another person, one has a tendency to convey better substance. On top of that, promoting associations are less expensive to make, and opening one’s image to another gathering of people is easy. The other technique that has been used is the knowing and deciding their clients. A useful showcasing methodology relies on upon comprehension of one’s customers, what they require, and how one can induce them to purchase from one’s company. There is no viable replacement for information. Experience and standard two-way correspondence will let one know a ton about one’s clients. In any case, focused on statistical surveying will construct a more point-by-point picture of client portions with related need. It will offer one some assistance with understanding of how to focus on these individuals, so that one does not waste time on individuals who are not keen on one’s offer.

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Since the fast food company is an international business culture will affect it dearly. The domestic firms, since they understand the culture of the existing people, will set a marketing strategy that can comfortably meet the needs of the current population. The may include the identification of taste because most of the population may not like the first food because of health issues. On the other hand, social norms may also affect the selling of the fast food as some population beliefs food packed in a given material is not accepted in their society. Another factor is the advertisement of the product. The domestic business will have an advantage as it will understand the best mean in which the advertisement may be done as they will know the ways that can reliably reach most of the population; hence, there is a high selling power.

The similarities in the fast food company that are in the United States of America and Brazil is that they all produce meat related products that include hamburgers and hot dogs that are liked by many. In most cases, the Brazilian fast food company produces the hot dogs that are so much eaten, while the United States of America fast food company produces hamburgers that are eaten locally and exported to Brazil. Since hamburgers are not produced in Brazil, the US companies have an advantage in easily persuading the Brazilians through a perfect marketing strategy to reach to all their customers.

From the research carried out, there is a recommendation the fast food company has to take into consideration of some factors for an optimum business. First, they have to take into account culture and way of life of the target population. In doing this, they have to analyze the means of communication that is readily accessible by the majority of the people. In doing so, they will secure advertising means; hence, they will end up raising their sales. The other factor is about the tastes and preferences of the targeted groups. For a high sale, the company has to know exactly what the general population needs and at what time because the company may produce commodities that are of taste that is not acceptable by the targeted population.

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From this paper, I have learned that for a business to be successful, it requires to have an active marketing strategic plan. It will be initiated by the identification of the external factors that can affect the smooth operational of the business in one way or another. The company should closely evaluate the taste and preferences in the areas or the country the business is to be established. The company should also try as much as possible to reach the majority of its targeted customers. It is mostly achieved by a strategic marketing plan.

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