Big Data

Research About Big Data

The term big data is extensively used to define the exponential growth and availability of data. Big data may be referred to as a collection of data from digital or traditional sources. According to the information provided in the Big Data Forum in Dubai, big data offers a huge number of practical benefits to businesses on various levels as it gives a chance to initiate dialogues with consumers, redevelop products, keep the entire data safe, and lessen maintenance costs.

Experts in the sphere of cloud computing and IT services differentiate several main sources of big data, including archives, docs, data storage, media, machine log data, public web and others. The major two types of big data sources in Dubai are the following: trusted homogeneous types that are created to provide static data and heterogeneous types of sources that provide unstructured as well as streaming data.

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Many researchers claim that big data has a great potential because it can be easily measured. It is important to emphasize that the smallest unit of data measurement is a byte. However, since the majority of files in modern world contain thousands of bytes, the size of files may be measured in kilobytes, megabytes, and even in terabytes. In addition, petabytes and exabytes are the examples of big data used in numerous industries.

Finally, according to the results of statistics, companies engaged in the spheres of retail, IT technologies, banking, hospitality, and finally, oil and gas industries are the major users of big data in the UAE, especially in Dubai as big data improves their business performance and ensures new opportunities for further growth and development.


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