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Dust Bowls in the United States

During the 1930s, terrible clouds of dark dust were only witnessed in the states of western Kansas, eastern New Mexico, western Texas, eastern Colorado, and the Oklahoma Panhandle. The clouds of dust are the ones that led to the Dust Bowl. There are certain occurrences and unique environments, for which human beings do not have an explanation that justifies them.


Childhood Apraxia of Speech

The development of a child is a critical life-stage process during which the parents should be attentive to the signs that potentially indicate physical or mental impairment or other forms of dysfunction of development.


Data Collection in a Qualitative Research

Issues in Data Collection in a Qualitative Research Issues in Data Collection in a Qualitative Research


Lithium Battery Technology

The generation of electric power may face possible difficulties in the transmission processes due to various factors such as fluctuations. For this reason, power generating companies in the UAE found it necessary to develop the battery technology that could be used as substitute power source in case of any power difficulties.


Whether Solar Cells Are Effective When We Run Out of Gas

In the modern world, the use of gas increases from year to year. As different studies show, almost 20 million barrels of oil are consumed by America every day.


Analysis of Schumpeter’s Views in Classical Theory of Democracy in Relation to Plato’s Views

Analysis of Schumpeter’s View inClassical Theory of Democracy in Relation to Plato’s Joseph Schumpeter is one of the greatest thinkers in the areas of economics and democracy. His views on democracy shaped the way people interact in a democratic society.


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