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London Spitalfields Saturday Style Market Analysis

This work is a market research paper that is based on the London Spitalfields Saturday Style Market.


Revenue Recognition Principle

Revenue recognition is an important principle, and there are different methods of revenue recognition that are applied in organizations when it comes to accounting processes.


Top Down Budgeting Method

Budgeting is a very important process, which can be aimed at the maximization of all the benefits, which can be got from the public spending with the use of all available resources.


Gamification of the Younger Generation

For decades, there have been on-going discussions about the usefulness or harm of computer games, their influence on the behavior and character of the younger generation, their connection with violence, etc.


Brazilian Fast Food

The Brazilian Fast Food company is among the world's biggest and complex companies in its business practices and development. The part has reliably become quicker than the general Brazilian...


Research Theories and Hypothesis

In any research, the key elements are theories and hypothesis. Theory plays main roles of definition, assumption, proposition, explanation, and prediction what the study result is probable to substantiate whether right or wrong.


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