Systems of Freight and Intermodal Transportations

The rapid progress of systems of freight and intermodal transportations plays an important role in world and local economy development. The US is one of the leading countries with the most developed system of transport infrastructure.

Private carries play a leading role in the formation of freight transportation system in the United States. Consequently, the government has showed interest in freight control and public investments regulation.

Currently, this function is performed by the Federal Highway Administration, the agency within the government of the US, which is in charge of improving the movement of goods. With the view of freight managing enhancement, there has been created a Freight Productivity Program. This framework presupposes estimation of trade flows, intensification of freight mobility, and overall development of transportation system (Konings et al., 2008, p.306).

The essential role of the government lies in the necessity to eliminate the obstacles and create favorable conditions for further freight transportation system enhancement. Among the challenges which can interfere with implementation of freight system innovations are the size and complexity of the American freight system, absence of one national carrier in American rail freight system, conflict between objectives of the different freight modes, necessity to reach agreement in planning aims of private sector system operators and public agencies.

The government is obliged to provide optimization among different modes of freight transportation, foster consensus between public and private sectors of system regulation, promote the ability of the industry to compete on local and international levels, cope with factors which reduce freight transportation mobility and efficiency.

Process of Freight

It is essential for the government to support the process of freight transportation system development and innovation through the implementation of improving policies and programs. The enhancement of intermodal transportation system will create a positive effect on the American economy and will consolidate the US position on the world stage.

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