According to researchers Srujana and Vadlamudi (2013), “Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture” (p. 32). The instrumental factors that foster global integration are innovations in computer technologies, advances of the Internet, and development of transportation and communication facilities. Economic globalization causes intensification and expansion of economic interrelations around the globe, and, therefore, promotes more equal dispersion of economic power between rich and poor countries. European investments into developing countries show positive results; such countries as China, India and Russia demonstrate steady growth of productivity and industrialization (Mandelson, 2008).

However, the growing competitiveness of the new players on the world trade market triggers European governments to respond immediately with the policy changes aimed to protect local businesses from the rising pressure. As a result, national industries are provided with a stronger regulatory and financial support, while the imported products are higher taxed.

Process of Globalization

The process of globalization causes unintended adverse side-effects; one of such effects is the technology development that is in the forefront of terrorism. Cell phones, television and Internet have enabled terrorist organizations to perform in a much more organized and sophisticated manner. The accident happened in Mumbai in 2008 was the best example of high-tech terrorism. Firstly, a group of extremists used a global positioning system handset to cross the sea from Karachi. Then they communicated with the allies from Pakistan by means of Internet phones that made it almost impossible to detect and intercept calls (Kahn, 2008).

Terrorism frequently arises on the ideological background. This kind of terrorism, also called traditional or revolutionary, is practiced by well-organized groups of extremists, pursuing certain political, social or economic objectives. Such notoriously known organizations as al-Qaeda and Abu Nidal Organization are responsible for the numerous assassinations and terrorist acts worldwide. 

As it follows, globalization is not entirely beneficial. Nowadays each person can buy the most powerful computer almost everywhere, but he can never be sure that his high-tech device will not become a convenient tool for someone’s surprise violent attack.

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