Globalization of World Politics: Ethics

Globalization is the opening of markets and exchange of information between different countries that leads to the transformation of the world into a global village. The unprecedented changes in the modern society resulting from the increased usage of the internet and other technical advancements have produced both negative and positive effects to the traditional society. Ethics is the moral wellbeing of a society and behavior among people and organizations. The following paper elucidates both the negative and positive implications of globalization in the structure of the society.

Economic growth and development of countries caused the uprise of the free markets and information. The availability of information concerning almost everything is a benefit for any society and its members. This helps to ignite the entrepreneurial mind of many people wherever they are from and share it with their counterparts in other countries. It improves cohesive business environment and increases trade opportunities and unity of representatives of different cultures. Ethically, it is right to form friendship ties with other societies as human beings are social beings.

Globalization contributes to the information sharing, which makes it possible for societies to learn about others even when they are miles apart. The exchange of information is a positive effect of globalization that is also significant in implementing changes in both societies. The phenomenon causes the interchange of values and helps society members to adapt to the new evolving modern world. However, various societal values may be corrupted from the constant contact with other communities. An example is the African cultures that experienced changes in the traditional structure because of the western influence of modernity. This makes the strong family ties that bind the African families break as the globalization brings about the construction of cities where people embrace a working culture in offices. Such situation is in contrast with the traditional African ideas of living in harmony on farms. Moreover, societal values suffer from the negative influence of such a phenomenon as the increased radicalism in Muslim countries. The fact that the world is a global village makes it easier to share the information that leads to the spread of vices such as terrorism from Afghanistan’s Taliban cells to the Alshabaab in Somalia and Boko-Haraam in Nigeria. These are the unethical implications of globalization.


Globalization has detrimental ethical immoralities as there are always poor people in the world and the rich ones who, in their turn, take advantage of the situation. Greed, injustice and selfish traits have spread from different cultures and got into the others. Good examples include the barons in the stock exchange markets that play around with the insider information and actively use corrupt activities to fleece many potential investors. The system hackers such as “Assange” of the Wikileaks cable network and their famous tapping of communication are another illustration of the disadvantages of the globalization.

There are good and positive implications from modernizing and improvements of the trade connections that ease the communication among people. In addition, ethically, people have the deep knowledge of the human rights and understand the importance of upholding them even when fighting for the oppressed. It was witnessed with the outcry of tyranny in Libya and other countries especially during the upsurge of the Arab uprising.

In conclusion one may say that it is significant to appreciate the benefits of globalization such as the boost of innovation and enhancement of the entrepreneurial activity. Unfortunately, itt also has detrimental effects on the moral decadence of societies especially with the increase of the uncontrolled information access. The overwhelming changes occurring in the modern world will continue helping to increase the rate of globalization.

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