Immigration is the common practice of the people staying in Asian countries due to an increasing rate of unemployment, fight for limited resources, ambition for achieving a better life styles and education. Whatever motive an immigrant has to pursue, he has to face certain problems when he enters the social, political and economic world of any country. This work deals with certain issues faced by these immigrants. For the matter of ease, it attributes the immigrant as an Asian and the America as the host country.

Social Pressure

An immigrant faces social pressures when he enters any other host country. Soon, after he stepped into the new country, he has to face many ethnical and social stereotyping issues, demonstrated by the behaviors of the inhabitants of the host country. There is the linguistic barrier at the start while communicating with the people around him. An immigrant has to deal with many contrast cultural values and traits. Initially he feels loneliness and difficulty to manage without the company of his friends and belongings.

The soft and simple manners of communication can help the Asian to receive good attitude from the Americans. Talking with proper gestures and lower tone of voice will soften the hearts of Americans if to talk and guide them properly. It will surely remove the prejudiced behaviors of Americans. As the world has become a global village by the upsurge of low cost communication devices, he initially, spends most of his free time by using the networking devices to resolve the company issues. He starts communicating with the people around him. Accidentally he may find another Asian within the similar state of social pressure and then he can start accommodating with that person.

Economic Pressure

Asians entering the USA mostly face the currency issues, low budgets and high priced commodity prices in America.

They can consult any money exchange office in America to resolve the different currency issue. Asians soon start working at any type of low laboring tasks (working in a retail store, restaurant or bakeries) easily available in America.

Political Pressure

Political environment in America is quite different from the Asian countries. In the USA, they enforce the laws strictly. A new immigrant mostly does not bother to comply with the rules there and has to face high penalties.

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Surely, at the very start, an immigrant must have a list of the ordinary governmental rules given by any local or experienced immigrant and must comply with these rules. In any case, if he has been punished for something he must get the guidelines from the lawyer about different rules and policies.

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