Politics - essays

The Impact of Liberal Political Theory on Modern British Society and Politics

Liberal political philosophy has been related to ideas regarding matters that deal with individual rights in the society and the position given to the government/state when it comes to these rights. Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, and John...


Is Liberalism the Force for Peace in World Politics?

Liberalism refers to a belief in the importance of sociopolitical change as a means to achieve development. It is a political philosophy, which is grounded in the belief in progress, development of...


Relationship Between Economic Development and Democracy

Economic development refers to the gradual progress in a given economy. It entails the use of new technologies, movement from the traditional agricultural-based economies...


Populism, Politics and Police Professionalism

The essence of the article Populism, Politics, and the Struggle for Police Professionalism in US by White, is to examine the major controversies and problems the U.S. police...


Texans Self-Identity

Texas is one home which has a lot of people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and economic interests. Politics in Texas is driven in a way that not many citizens...


How a Hegemonic Threat Destabilizes the Balance of Power

A hegemonic threat and the rise of a potential hegemon are related to the absolute power and leadership that can affect and manipulate those who cannot resist. The hegemonic threat can result in wars, military conflicts, terror, and aggression


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