Politics - essays

The War in Afghanistan

Since the Civil War broke out in Afghanistan on 27 April 1978, the country has had little to celebrate. It grappled with political violence, dysfunctional government, and economic development.


Puritanism in American Intellectual and Cultural Life

Puritanism was a sixteenth century reform movement that originated with the Church of England. In the 17th century, Engl...


Obama’s Humanitarian Intervention in Syria

Humanitarian intervention is generally comprehended to be a trans-border application of military force so as to stop or avoid large-scale and serious human distress, and is a matter that has attracted much intellectual attention in the recent years.


Pennsylvania Politics House Bill 1848

Policy changes in Pennsylvania take place mostly during the election year. Pennsylvania is looking into changing the way judges get into office. Currently, judges are elected and House Bill 1848 is seeking to enable judges to get into office...


Decolonizing International Relations Politics

As a discipline, international relations or IR in short is founded on a number of historical oversights and selective amnesia. The international relations theory largely dwells on matters that assume nation-states just coming into being...


US Politics & Foreign Policy: The Cold War

The grounds of cold war are not difficult to determine; however, there are many misconceptions concerning the reasons and culprits. In the West, there is a popular tendency to view the Soviet Union as the only responsible side.


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