Politics - essays

Puritanism in American Intellectual and Cultural Life

Puritanism was a sixteenth century reform movement that originated with the Church of England. In the 17th century, Engl...


The Impact of Liberal Political Theory on Modern British Society and Politics

Liberal political philosophy has been related to ideas regarding matters that deal with individual rights in the society and the position given to the government/state when it comes to these rights. Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, and John...


How a Hegemonic Threat Destabilizes the Balance of Power

A hegemonic threat and the rise of a potential hegemon are related to the absolute power and leadership that can affect and manipulate those who cannot resist. The hegemonic threat can result in wars, military conflicts, terror, and aggression


Local Governments and Electric Vehicles

The development of electric vehicles has faced a lot of challenges especially in terms of providing the electricity charging infrastructure. This has been said to be a “three-way” chicken-and-egg conundrum where customers are ready to purchase such vehicles on condition that their recharging would be easy.


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