marketing impact on society

The Effects of Marketing on the Community

As any phenomenon, marketing impacts the society and the individual in particular. In order to generalize the effects of marketing on the community, this paper will specifically focus on the impact that marketing has on the individual as an element of the society.

The impact of marketing on individuals could be traced by anyone, since every one of us has recently purchased items. Marketing is frequently criticized for its effect on ordinary people and for harming customers through high prices. Another flaw refers to the high pressures that are put on shoulders of customers nowadays. They are exposed to a different sort of marketing tools every time.

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Marketing is also impacting the habits and the behavior of consumers. The pyramid of needs invented by Maslow is no longer efficient as people, driven by marketing tools, turn to buy things that are well-promoted rather than those that they really need. Reflecting on the several theories, it should be inferred that people tend to make irrational choices while doing shopping. Nowadays, the price of the product is determined by factors others than supply and demand. Customers are frequently lured by the bonuses of the item and discount offered for it while forgetting about the servicing costs (for example, when one is offered with the low-interest debt option, he/she is usually not considering the costs needed for administering the debt, which might be rather high). Mainly, the choices people make are irrational. Consequently, it leads to overconsumption and devastation of the resources, the majority of which are already scarce.

Considering the abovementioned facts, it can be inferred that marketing drives people desires and adds fuel to the fire making one to purchase the item he or she does not really want or need. Such a tendency leads to the dissatisfaction among the residents and over-consumption driven by one’s willingness to show prestige and status.

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