Sunny Farm mini-marketing strategy

Mini-Marketing Strategy: Sunny Farm Organic Food Company

Sunny Farm Organic Food Company is a local fast growing organic food store. Its mission is to promote the health of all individuals by supplying certified high-quality organic foods, which include fruits, grains, spices, and vegetables. The company hopes to be the largest organic food retailer and wholesaler nationally. The business acknowledges the different needs of its customers and puts in place measures to cater for them. The stringent selection of supplier farms, predictable high-quality products, and product standardization entail proper packaging and labelling.

Apart from delivering high-quality foods, product pricing is another key consideration for the business. In most cases, the business obtains locally grown organic produce in bulk at fair prices compared to those shipped over a long distance. As a result, it reciprocates by selling the products to customers at cheaper prices than most of its competitors. Therefore, the company has become popular with the growing market, especially among the health-conscious middle-class customers.

The location of its operations is another great consideration for the business. Sunny Farm has stores in areas that are close to local farmers for convenience when delivering their fresh farm produce. In addition, its strategic locations put it close to other food shops, hence makes it easy to supply wholesale orders to other retail stores.

The business considers promotion of its products vital in meeting its marketing objectives. Its efforts aim at building the brand. Apart from its outlets, the company has strategically placed counters in major supermarkets in areas where organic shops are not present. The market for organic foods has great potential and Sunny Farm Organic Food Company promotes its products to uphold its position as a leader in the non-traditional food segment. It plans to capture at least 50 percent of the local market before expanding to other states.

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