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Marketing involves the process of learning the true value of a product versus the consumer’s perception on the value of the same product and then communicating the message effectively in order to sell the product. This means that it is based on efficiency of certain features and skills in a person. A good marketer should be able to properly communicate to the clients about the product; he/ she should be able to research about the publicity and PR of a product. A good marketer should be critical and creative in terms of thought process and actions, because he is expected to strike a balance between the individual client needs and the policies of the company. However, he should be able to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Some of the characters I believe I have that will aid in my career involve the following.

Discipline, Specific Knowledge and Skills

Personally discipline means taking the necessary and expected course of action, regardless of whether the results are immediate or long term. Once I have set specific goals, which require to be met, the need for immediate gratification will be postponed for the greater good. Discipline and self control are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated. The willingness to do the right thing even when there are no personal benefits beats the willingness to break rules at the expense of hurting a person.

Knowledge is the knowhow that I acquire from my class work. Marketing is a discipline that challenges me in every aspect, because of its practical nature. This knowledge gives the power to be able to have the required skills in order to ensure successful continuity of marketing. Skills are the actions that are observed from the knowledge acquired from class.

Critical Analytical and Integrative Thinking

Critical analysis and integrative thinking allows critical analysis of a situation. Critical analysis is looking at an issue without favor or bias towards any side of the alternative decisions to be made. Integrative thinking is thinking beyond those offered alternatives, getting a broader picture and a better solution. According to Mark Shaefer, “Today it is important to have some strong analytical skills, specifically some competence in statistics. More and more, marketing is about math!”.

Critical thinking gives very important approaches for scientific researches. There are different points of view, so it is very important to choose the right instrument of research. To avoid wrong solutions, it is necessary to understand the problem from two different sides, because it can help to solve the problem in the right way. In addition to critical thinking, there is very essential to choose the right methods of the research. There are four main methods of the research; description, interpretation, management, and prediction. Description method researches the differences between samples and objects. Interpretation represents the explanation of the processes and researching objects. The third method is prediction that helps to predict the future processes and to prevent bad consequences. Finally, the last is management that can help to manage all the past researches. After the choice of goals it is necessary to choose a methodological approach, which is extremely important for goals implementation.

In terms of analytical thinking, that is an area that I still have room to improve on, because it requires visually solving issues quickly. As a matter of precaution, I always take time to think about my decisions, and this limits the speed at which I can be able to quickly solve issues. There are times when due to lack of time, one is required to think analytically and provide a worthwhile solution. It is for these very moments that I feel there is a need for analytical thinking. At the same time, marketing requires swiftness in technique and skills.

Integrative thinking allows one to be able to understand the perspective of others on a particular issue, and one can easily be able to convince them otherwise, because there is a common understanding.

Problem Solving and Research Capabilities

The fact is that any action has its own risk, and such issue as problem solving or risk management is a crucial for effective marketing manager. Good marketer must be a leader who does not afraid to take risks and responsibilities of the company’s projects. In order to solve the problems, it is necessary to predict possible force-majeure or problems. One of the most useful approaches is SWOT analysis, which helps to understand both negative and positive sides.

In the modern management, SWOT analysis plays an extremely vital role. This is a way of planning that has its own structure, and the main purpose of which is to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In this way of planning, it is possible to examine the influence of both external and internal factors, where it is possible to analyze the industry, person, company or product. To get the information according to these four factors, usually the users of SWOT model makes the questionnaires and researches. The given results will show the strongest sides of the researched issue, the weak sides, the possible opportunities and risks and threats. Consequently, it is possible to understand the competitive advantage and the information according to the way of making the business. According to this issue, marketing department should consider the information and manage according to the needs of the company.


Research is meant to be able to solve a problem in the society or establish a causal relationship between two or more variables. Research is also a process of filling in the lacuna; the point where information and knowledge is not well expounded on. Marketing is all about the population in terms of market type, structure and composition. It is also about establishing the consumption and purchase culture of the population. All these can be determined by conducting research. I have great knowledge and skills on marketing, efficient communication skills and a respect for ethics at both local and global level.

Research can be conducted also on the internet, this I can efficiently do as well, because it is easier and more convenient. The ground research is also helpful. Through direct interaction with the respondent, there is more that a person can be able to learn through non verbal communication. The best research is the one where the conclusion can be used to solve problems in the marketing of goods and services. Once the problem is solved, increase in consumer satisfaction will be established.

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Research can also be used to come up with various new products in the market. Since marketing research is not simply about selling the same old products, it is about discovering the changes required on a product to make it more appealing.

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Effective Communication

Marketing and communication cannot be separated, because marketing requires one to convince a client about the value of a product based on the different factors. Effective communication can only be established if one;

· Has a proper understanding of the product they are marketing- this is the part where the research aspect will come in handy. One should know the history, ingredients and even manufacture process of the product they are marketing.

· Analysis of competing products- research will also aid in giving one details on the competition. Comparison will be required in terms of quality, price and ease of access to the product. In this case the product being marketed should come out as the best.

· Writing – even though most of communication is expected to be verbally, good writing skills are required for effective communication on paper.

· Fluency and confidence- confidence sells a lot, especially when accompanied by fluency in terms of language and relating one issue to another, cause-effect relationship. There should be a flow of ideas and points from the time one starts addressing the customers to the point when you are ready to take questions.

· Non-verbal communication – a smile can brighten a mood, nodding t show that one is in agreement and eye contact can indicate confidence. All these are vital in communication.

Effective communication will always lead to effective marketing. At the same time I believe that I can have all the above stated and hence my communication is effective.

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Learning is the act of getting to know and comprehend new ideas and concepts; it takes place throughout a person’s life. It can happen through experience or through class work. Marketing is a dynamic and ever changing discipline that is based on the goods produced as per the market demand. The impact of technology has had immense impact on marketing strategies as it has given the field new fields to market goods.

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At the same time, technology has increased the ethics to be adhered to in terms of privacy. Research conducted for marketing strategies can easily be done using the internet with people in faraway places. This aspect of flexibility in marketing makes it to blend in with my creativity and innovation. The fact that marketing embraces the societal changes means that marketing is meant to make the commodities more relevant to the lives of the consumers.

Creativity means doing thing different while innovation means doing something completely new. I consider myself a creative and innovative person and the fact that marketing is based on the two makes it even better.

Engaged and Ethical Local and Global Citizen

Ethics concern the decisions made by a person on is what is considered as wrong or right. Marketing is a discipline and career that deals directly with people, in this case ethics should be exercised. Marketing as a social science is based on the analysis of people’s behavior and at times there is need to change their perception; ethics ensure that no one is put at risk at any point of marketing.

According to me, ethics create responsibility to us and others and an obligation to the environment. Business ethics are based on the premise that there are certain things that a business is not required by law to do, but should practice them either way. Giving back to the society is not a form of philanthropy, it is a responsibility given to me because I have expectations from the same society.

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The issue is that it is not possible to market a product that will harm the consumer. At the same time a marketing strategy should not be based on lies, it should be based on a truth that attracts clients. The environment is the source of most of the resources that are required in the production and supply f goods and services; however any product that leads to depletion of the environment should not sold to the consumer because in the long run, global warming and change in climates affects all of us.

In conclusion, there are many approaches that may help marketers to succeed in their activities. The most crucial issues are personal skills like leadership and ability to accept risk, knowledge and discipline, the possibility to solve the problems, as well as communicative skills and critical thinking. These skills are necessary for the effective marketing manager, as combine in itself vital approaches for successful management of any activity.

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