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To every business, marketing is critical as it helps in informing potential customers of the various products the firm offers to the market. It also assists the enterprise to be in touch with current clients, remind them of the products and retain them. However, a company needs to know the different types of customers and provide goods and services according to nature and capabilities of the clients. In order for the venture to achieve its sales and make enough profits, it should have proper marketing mix that suits the consumer segments and the customers in general. By using Coca-Cola Company, this paper discusses the marketing mix in different segments, differences in marketing products to a customer and differences between international and domestic marketing. The paper focuses on Middle East and the Central Africa regions as these are two segments the company wants to venture in for its operations.

Marketing Mix in Two Different Segments

Basing on the geographical location as the index to determine the market segments in which Coca-Cola wants to enter; Middle East is an area with very hot climate while Central Africa is cold. Therefore, in the Middle East the customers are expected to demand more of the drinks especially the cold ones as compared to the Central Africa. By using the product and placement mix as a form of marketing, the company can, therefore, place plenty of the products in the Middle East market. In order to get customers from the competitors, Coca-Cola will lower the prices as a promotional means. In the depots, the company can also install refrigerators in order to keep the sodas cool and ready for the customers to quench their thirst. However, the case is different in Central Africa, where potential clients are not expected to demand much of the product, especially cold. Here Coca-Cola can increase the prices and offer a thorough promotional service. These promotions will include free samples, free gifts upon purchase of a particular amount of goods and other measures. The product manufactured for the consumers in this region should be the one that has a long life.

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Differences Between Marketing to Business and Marketing to Consumers

Some businesses take goods for resale while the consumers buy products for direct consumption. Therefore, marketing in the two is very different, and the products prices and promotional services are also unlike.

1. Marketing to business has fewer tasks as compared to the marketing to consumers. Business marketers do not involve themselves in interactions with many people as they only approach the companies. Coca-Cola sells its products to the businesses which, in turn, sell them to the consumers.

2. Price per unit is different. Business-to-business prices are much lower than the ones the consumer pays for them. For businesses, there is the economy of scale and Coca-Cola incurs a lot of discounts to the ones which purchase its products in large amounts. In consumer marketing, the process is different as the marketer requires only free samples, and the whole process of marketing succeeds.

3. Types of the marketing messages. In business-to-business marketing, the messages sent to clients are large and contain a lot of information, especially, the emails describing the products. In consumer marketing, messages are aimed at persuading the customer to use the products daily.

Differences in Domestic and International Marketing

1. The difference between the international and domestic marketing lies in the issue of a language barrier. Therefore, in the international marketing Coca-Cola is expected to hire international marketers who understand various languages or ones from the areas they are working. These activities increase the cost of marketing.

2. There are laws governing each country’s business practices. Rules in a particular country may differ from the domestic laws. Coca-Cola Company requires understanding of all the laws governing the countries it wants to invest in and expects to make better returns.

3. International marketing requires a lot of time and thorough planning. In order to recruit the necessary staffs and read and understand every detail of the terms of running business in the targeted countries, ample time is required. This issue is different in domestic marketing where small amount of time is enough to make the whole process successful.

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