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Mo’men is a fast food restaurant chain based in Egypt. The first restaurant was opened by the Mo’men brothers in Heliopolis, Egypt in 1988. Mo’men had an advantage because the fast food industry was attractive; at the time of its opening, foreign fast food chains like KFC and McDonald’s had not yet penetrated the market (Saad). Mo’men is one of the largest restaurants in Egypt with 57 restaurants and a large customer base. At first, Mo’men expanded regionally, and later the company was able to expand internationally to Malaysia (“Mo’men group: The company profile”). Mo’men also has its branches in other countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait and Bahrain.

There are many factors which Mo’men considered while entering the international market and which made the company successful (Hollensen). These success factors include:

I). Product Adaptability

Adaptability is very important in the internationalization of a brand as it enables a company to build a brand that meets the needs of the specified region or country. The product adaptability in Mo’men has enabled the company’s management to employ multicultural teams that have the capability to provide a good and detailed understanding of the local habits. As a fast food company, Mo’men has been able to understand the differences in the local and international markets, which have made the company successful because it offers foods depending on the local taste of the consumers.

II). Local Partnerships

Mo’men created a very successful partnership with Actis in 2008, which helped the company in its expansion strategies in the gulf countries and Northern Africa. This partnership has given Mo’men an insight into making specific changes to its products to fit the countries that it is entering

III). Being Customer Driven

Mo’men is customer driven as it concentrates closely on its customers which is the tactic the company uses to differentiate itself. The company pays close attention to all its customers and works towards satisfying all the needs of its customers. This enables the company to have a competitive advantage over the local competing companies making it successful in the international market.

IV). Understanding Cultural Factors

Different countries have different cultures and beliefs, and these regional differences have to be addressed as they play a great role in the life of the society. Mo’men focused on marketing internationally in a few countries at one given time to give the company the opportunity to tailor the business to the specific markets in those regions. The local cultures and habits of the people differ from one country to another, for example, some cultures do not allow eating certain foods like beef in India, which is not the case in other countries. Mo’men critically analyses all the differences which exist in the different international markets and then comes up with strategies in order to adapt to the differences.

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In today’s highly competitive environment, it is very important for companies to try and explore all the advantages that are offered by the global markets. A company has to have success factors to be able to survive in the international market because it will face extreme competition from the local companies and other international companies also venturing into the market of the specific country. Opportunities in an international market are as achievable as the opportunities in the local domestic market. There are many resources that a company can use to achieve the global expansion targets. It requires efficient and critical planning to enhance and increase the chances that the company has to succeed and to minimize the risks involved.

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