Discussion 1

Speaking about marketing of a new consumer technology product and then appealing it to innovators, it is necessary to say that these marketing strategies have its problems and advantages. When marketing a new consumer technology product, the problems are connected with finding the target market for this produce. One cannot connect the problems with the main strategies of the company presenting a new product. As to product strategy, it includes finding a target market and the necessary advertisement. Presentation of a new product is always problematic as the customer prefers well-known product to a new one. Advertisement is not the main hook for attraction of customers. As to pricing strategy, it provokes complications as the producers of this product want to earn, but the customers always prefer something qualitative and cheap.

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However, the specialists in marketing state that presenting a new product with an appeal to innovators has its advantages. First of all, new products always attract customers, especially when they are innovative and satisfy the demand of the consumers. One can organize a presentation of the product inviting mass media, and it will be one of the ways to attract customers’ attention. It has been proved that a new product will be successful in case when the producer understands the needs of customers, when publicity is involved in the process of presentation, and when the product is innovative and special one.

It is extremely important to capture attention of innovators when introducing a technology product. Technology products need constant changes, development and improvement. Moreover, the producers should keep abreast of innovations, especially at the present time, which is an era of new technologies and progress. Capturing the attention of innovators, producers provide themselves with a good demand for their products and continue creation of new technology products.

Discussion 2

I agree with the suggestion that personal selling tends to create higher levels of involvement than other promotion strategies. Personal selling has its approach to achieving the results. Retailers, real estate agencies, car dealerships and insurance companies use personal selling. It is more comfortable for them to find individual customers, develop short-term relationships and motivate these indvidual customers to purchasing.

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Personal selling is not only a marketing strategy but also the communication vehicle. It means that it can be used in combination with other strategies: promotional, pricing and distributional. Personal selling is characterized by its adaptive nature. As to the ISTEA model, it takes into consideration this adaptive nature, information about the customer and his/her needs. It is evident that the ISTEA model is used for personal selling.

The advantage of personal selling is that it involves face-to-face contact and it is the most persuasive way of attracting customers. A real relationship between the seller and the buyer is extremely valuable thing in marketing activities. The presentation of the product is adapted to every customer. It means that presentation and meeting with a customer are well prepared in advance, and it gives all possibilities to find the way to persuade the customer to buy this product. It is necessary to mention that personal selling can occur on the fly, and the result can also be positive. The examples of personal selling prove that this strategy is the most persuasive one and shows a high successful rate.

However, the personal selling has its minuses. It needs a lot of time and costs. Material expenses, travel expenses, and salary of each sales person are the main expenditures that are necessary in personal selling.

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