brand marketing essay

Brand Matketing Definition

Kitchen defines a brand as “a name, design, symbol or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s goods and services as distinct from those of other sellers”. Through branding, a product or service gains its identity in a manner that delivers a pledge of quality and customer satisfaction. However, brand marketing concentrates on driving awareness and affecting consumers’ attitudes. It achieves this by communicating the brand message. Consequently, brand marketing is significant to almost every business.

Brand marketing has always been used by many companies and organizations to influence decisions of a wide range of consumers. It is effective in developing repeat business, because a customer’s perception of a specific brand is largely impacted by his/her previous experience with it. In every instance, a customer’s awareness of a business organization’s brand saves time in researching about it, therefore making it easier for him/her to purchase the organization’s products and services. The aspect that a consumer can recognize it instantly is communicated through a logo that is attached on all of the organization’s products and materials.

A brand marketing strategy is required for products and services that are sold in wide consumer markets. It helps companies to be noticeable among their competitors. Extensive research shows that successful branding creates a “brand equity” for loyal consumers who tend to pay for an organization’s services just because it is their brand.

In conclusion, brand marketing cultivates a trusted image that builds a larger customer base. Brand marketing deals not only with product quality but also communication. Properly managed, it can be a formidable competitive weapon. So far, brand marketing has been effective in influencing consumers’ decisions and creating a larger base for consumer loyalty. Any company that views brand marketing as a necessary tool should, however, set goals that assist in developing a consistent message across a wide range of advertising channels.


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