Marketing - essays

Zara Marketing Plan

Zara Company is a famous accessories and clothing retailer. This company requires a marketing plan to overcome weaknesses and reinforce its strengths. This marketing plan consists of the following...


Marketing Plan for Nike Athletics

The research centers on the Nike’s athletic footwear and seeks to establish how the organization has utilized the concept of integrated marketing plan as a tool for marketing its products. The research will...


Is Digital Marketing a Force for Good or Evil?

Marketing is a very vital function of an organization, and many companies strive to use the best approaches in marketing for them to succeed. Through marketing, businesses can create, communicate, and deliver their...


Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies of Apple

Ethical and social responsibilities are major issues faced by many organizations including both small and multinational businesses. The conducts and business practices of an organization are highly important because...


Principles & Practice of Marketing

Burberry Corporation was started in 1856, when the first store of gentlemen outfits was opened by Thomas Burberry. By the beginning of the World War I, the enterprise was booming and...


Toyota Becomes International Business

Toyota Company is among the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. In addition to manufacturing automobiles, Toyota also gives financial services via its division...


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