Marketing - essays

Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle (PLC) is an important concept in marketing. It describes the process a product undergoes from its discovery to its final removal from the market. However, not all the...


Marketing Principles

According to Kotler, the concept of marketing means the objective of ‘finding and filling needs’. In his earlier publication, Kotler defines the term ‘marketing’ as “a societal process by which individuals...


Marketing Fundamentals

To every business, marketing is critical as it helps in informing potential customers of the various products the firm offers to the market. It also assists the enterprise to be in touch...


Apple Smart Watch Marketing

In the last decade, humanity has seen numerous emerging businesses that have proved to be successful; one of them is Apple Corporation. Apple produces...


Marketing Management

Significance of marketing management is in its functions that are aimed at the distribution of products and/or services. Based on the ideas of Philip Kotler, marketing management is “the combination of analysis...


Strategic Marketing

Customer relations imply the way a given organization relates with its current and future customers. For a business organization, customers. For a business organization, customers are the most important stakeholders as they are...


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