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The book written by Randy Komisar is very different from all other works of that kind, as the author combines the interesting narrative with useful and full of sense thoughts regarding the successful entrepreneurship dealing with the Venture Capitalists and the prosperity in the world of the Silicon Valley (Komisar). The author does not represent his book as the only guide in the world of business that will open all the secrets of the success. He concentrates on the purposes that the entrepreneurs have, and the way they influence the whole process. The key to success lies in the general approach you have to your entrepreneurship, and the way it impacts your actions and thoughts.

Although there is nothing new about understanding the concept of entrepreneurship, and the way you can positively impact your business, the main idea is represented in absolutely different way. The accent is on tome, not money. The entrepreneurship is regarded as being influenced by the general life philosophy of the person, and the right distribution of the life priorities. The main question an entrepreneur has to ask himself/herself is does he/she want to do for the rest of his/her life what he/she does now. In such a way, the author tries to explain that the common concept, that the things that we want to do and have to do are always absolutely different, is wrong. The successful entrepreneurship is based on the ability to combine these two aspects, making your business not only the source of financial stability, but the process that interests you, brings you joy, and self-realization. There is also a big importance of the people involved in the business, and they are one of the decisive factors of the successful entrepreneurship. If there is no effectively composed team of the right people, the entrepreneur will not succeed. Therefore, there has to be a strong concentration on people and the entrepreneurs first priority is to serve people: team, clients, partners, and associates. The strong and stable connection among the leaders and workers that implement the corporate strategy into practice and distribute the products and ideas to the customers is the key component of the successful entrepreneurship. The only way for the leader to effectively connect with all his/her team is by created culture and expressed principles.

Another interesting issue is that the author underlines the difference between management and leadership. He defines management as the process that has the only target to produce the needed results in particular time and using particular budget. Management can control, follow, and observe, but it cannot survive without effective leadership. The leader has to use both character and vision to venture to obscurity, to be able to break the doubts of his/her employees, and to motivate them to move forward, even if they do not have complete information on what will happen and the outcome is not certain.

The approach represented in the book is also unique, because a series of questions set by the author remains unanswered in the end. The author is not giving the clear plan on achieving success, and he is not even trying to draw some basic plans. Instead, he provokes the entrepreneur to elaborate the secret recipe by himself/herself. The series of the examples and theoretical notions in the book somehow provokes the reader to analyze his/her life and to implement the experience of Lennys example to his/her own life in the way that he/she finds the most efficient one. Therefore, the entrepreneurship is regarded not as a target that can be reached by the series of particular actions, but as a way that is different for every single person, but similar in the necessity to go through it to reach success.

Within the book, Komisar gives much more that just advices or recommendations. He shares his own life experience as a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and consultant, who has successfully completed a series of business projects and plans that in the end brought them to success. He also explains the importance of the concepts he did not follow in his life, but eventually understood their high value. The secret of the successful entrepreneurship that lies in the combination of the things that you want to do in your life and the ones that you have to is followed by an example of the wrong choice that can be seen in Lenny. The author considers him to be a rapacious timeserver, who also has a Deferred Life Plan. This concept refers to the idea of the meaning of life that is very important for the success.

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A lot of people think that in the first part of their life they need to do things they have to, even thought they might hate doing them, hoping that one day they will be able to leave it all behind and eventually do what they want to. However, this belief is fake and unreal, as the key source time is being spent on the things that do not give an ability to succeed and to realize ones potential. The truth is that in the majority of cases that one day never comes. These two main steps make a person divide his/her life that means that during the biggest part of your life that in addition includes the period of youth and power, is taken out of what you call the real life, and a person decides to live somewhere in the future that means that one never actually lives. The time is now and the life is about now, so the only opportunity to do what you want to do is to do it now. This thought is full of sense and I find it the most important for me to understand and to remember for my whole life, as this is not only the key to successful entrepreneurship, but also the right life philosophy that represents the theoretical base for every successful project. It is necessary to underline that the concept of success here refers to the personal evaluation of the entrepreneur and only then by the entire world, so that success is the one that you can feel inside and be happy about. It means that you are gaining self-realization and you do live a life you always wanted to.

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All the lessons represented in the book are shown through the example of Lenny a perspective entrepreneur that Komisar is helping to get through the complexities on his way to success. We follow Lennys evolution as an entrepreneur and as a personality. The same should be said about the opportunity he seeks for, as it also changes after all the boundaries Lenny meets and the lessons he learns. The final opportunity Lenny pursues is definitely better than the one he had in the beginning, and I find it to be the best one for him. Its nature defines the changes within its creator, as we see that now he is doing the thing he really wants to, and he is ready to do it for the rest of his life. He also faces the importance of interrelations within the team, as the final idea is shared by his partner, Allison. So, the coordinated work will double all the possible profits and make it easier and faster for them to succeed. The final project is inspired by the personal experience Lenny got after the death of his father that means that he will have enough passion and motivation to provide the best quality goods and services and will pay attention to all the details and the whole process in general. This will help him to set up effective leadership that will work for the improvement of the whole company. The risk rate is high, but now he knows that this is what gives him passion and that is the opportunity worth to be pursued. All these concepts are very hard to understand at once; therefore, the experience of talking to Komisar and the VCs was extremely important for Lenny. This experience gave him understanding of the most important issues for the successful entrepreneurship that he considered being absolutely useless and inefficient. The main lesson he gets is that although the business plan is important, the key leading position should be given to his personal motivation. He understood that without the real wish and passion, it is impossible to gain success, as you need as much motivation as you might have for all the entire life to reach success. That is why it is important to do the thing you really want. If one has that enormous amount of motivation that is needed to go through all the boundaries, to work as much as it will be needed, and to give all time to the business, one should devote it to the thing that he/she really wants to do. Understanding all the mentioned above, Lenny found the way to his success not only in the financial aspect, but also in life, which is far more important and hard to achieve. By organizing his successful entrepreneurship, he will live a happy life, full of joy and happiness; he will improve his skills and develop his personality.


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