Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Brain Is Wider than the Sky” is a great anthem to people’s imagination, intelligence, and creativity. Although there is no direct speaker, one thinks of the author behind it. Moreover, it seems like Dickinson herself was the main persona. She was cheerful and optimistic speaking about the human mind as something worth admiring. One can paraphrase this poem by simply saying that people’s intelligence is the greatest thing in the world because it combines everything beautiful as well as allows people to be creative and do something out of the ordinary.

One can say that the speaker’s tone is very optimistic, and the poem is not ironic. On the other hand, it is more like an anthem which glorifies and admires people’s intellect. The optimistic tone is revealed through such words which compare the brain with the sky, the sea, and connect it with God. Furthermore, God is highly connotative word because one may think of God in religion or God as the highest concept of the human mind. The same applies to the sky which may be interpreted in various ways. Phrases “the one the other will” are repeated, and the structure of the poem is the same in all three verses because the first line compares the brain, and the second and third explain the comparison while the fourth concludes it. This way, it is easy to see the main points made by an author. The words are simple and easy to understand.

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The poet created images of the nature and everything one could see in the world. These images relate to one another as symbols of something great which surrounds people and can be created by their minds with imagination. These images are united because the author has emphasized on the fact that they all can be created thanks to a person’s brain. Dickinson used metaphors, comparisons, epithets which made the poem sound more like a fairy tale with a lot of double meaning and the necessity to use imagination while reading it. The brain itself is a symbol of a creative and thinking human who is able to transform the world thanks to one’s intelligence. Sky is also a symbol of something far away that people want to reach; thus, it is the universal symbol.

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One can say that the central idea is that a person can do everything and go beyond the limits if he or she only uses one’s intelligence and analyzes the world. Also, sound effects make the poem sound more appealing and convincing because they make the author’s statements easier to remember and follow.

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