Literature - essays

After Great Pain a Formal Feeling Comes

Aristotle once said: “The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain”. Sticking to such a...


Clay Walls

The novel, Clay Walls, is written by Ronyoung Kim, who was an American immigrant from Korea. Being a migrant living in A...


Research of the Concept of Aggression

Aggression has accompanied people since the ancient times. Moreover, its recent manifestations have become universal. They include open aggression, which arises in active conflict


The Motif of Death And the Brevity

The motif of death and the brevity of youth are quite popular in the literature, including lyrics. The roots of the theme were marked by the ancient philosophers and mentioned in the Bible. In fact, it originated bot...h from a renowned


Nursing Literature

There is no clear indication who the narrator of the story is. Faulkner often uses the pronoun “we” to denote the narrator. For example, the narrator describes Homer Barron saying that “the one we believed...


The Brain Is Wider than the Sky

Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Brain Is Wider than the Sky” is a great anthem to people’s imagination, intelligence, and creativity. Although there is no direct speaker, one thinks of the author behind it.


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