Literature - essays

The Monk and The Riddle: Book Analysis

The book written by Randy Komisar is very different from all other works of that kind, as the author combines the interesting narrative with useful and full of sense thoughts regarding the successful entrepreneurship dealing with the Venture Capitalists and the prosperity in the world of the Silicon Valley.


The Significance of Greek Mythology to the World Culture

Each country has certain features which were developed centuries ago. In Greece, this specific feature is mythology. In the fifth century BC, in Athens, there were no books, which described the myths because the Greeks considered them a part of their life.


Critical Response to Play "No Man’s Land" by Harold Pinter

The play No Man’s Land was written by Harold Pinter in 1974 and produced in 1975 for the first time at the Old Vic Theatre in London. This play can be considered as a dramatic comedy with more sarcasm and elusive subject discussions.


“New and Improved” Recollection of Myth in Modern India

The Indian comic book industry continues to grow exponentially, with various comic texts/books, in both Hindu and English. It is gaining popularity, especially among young people.


Analysing Poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the world’s most famous writers and the major figure of the world’s literature. He is best known for his great poetry and short stories, and his name is associated with fear and melancholy. Edgar Poe has written many great works that became classic and are studied throughout the world.


The Struggle of Cultures in “Who’s Irish?”

The story “Who’s Irish?” was authored by Gish Jen. In fact, it revolves around a senior woman of Chinese extraction. The woman lives in the United States of America and tries to assist her daughter and her family in rearing her granddaughter called Sophie.


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