Literature - essays

Greed and a Rocking Horse Winner by David Herbert Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence is one of the most outstanding writers and brilliant literary critics of English literature. The major themes of his works were confrontation between man and society, the essence of power, and relationships between men and women.


El Testigo by Juan Villoro

One of the most brilliant novels of the todays Mexican literature is El Testigo by Juan Villoro, winner of the Herralde Prize, written in 2004. The author provides a philosophical approach to the Mexican culture and thus tries to understand it in general through the particular perceptions of the protagonist.


Book Review on "Copper Sun" by Sharon Draper Book Review

The modern world has faced numerous challenges in the process of globalization. Despite the advantages of integration in many humanitarian questions, there are many problems caused by economic abuse and income discrimination of different ethnic groups. Poor population, especially in the countries of the third world, is subject to new kinds of economic slavery when people agree to work for very low payment in harmful working conditions and have no opportunities in life.


Troubadour Legacy

The Middle Ages was a time of intense spiritual life and complex searches for the world outlook constructions. Towards the end of the 11th century, the poetic movement of the troubadours emerged in the castles and towns of Provence and gradually extended beyond the boundaries of Provence, covering entire Europe, including England.


Orwell's Novel 1984 In The Context Of Reality

The novel by George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four was completed just several years after the World War II.


Bharati Mukherjee The Tigers Daughter and Wife Review

Life of an Immigrant: The Feeling of Being Rootless People immigrate into foreign lands because of a myriad of reasons ranging from education and employment opportunities to political asylum for political leaders, exiled populations, and refuge for people suffering from war. Regardless of the reason behind immigration, immigrants are faced with a set of situations once settled in the new country.


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