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The fight against evil is on the rise among people. Many still question the importance of evil in society. Theodicy is a part of theology that tends to protect Gods goodness amidst the existing evil. This topic extends to explain the coexistence of evil and the highest God. Theodicy has three forms: logical, existential, and evidential. Many people pose questions that are very hard to deal with. Some of the questions raised by mankind about the prevention of evil should be determined. Many wonder why God set and left them in a world where evil rules. This question is troubling many people and it is revolving around churches. As explained by the Bible, God created the first human being as a free man and one who was free from evil.

Temptation and the abuse of independence made man indulge in evil actions. This question is rather difficult and the answer might not be achieved even in the future. This is perfectly explained in proverbs 16:4, which state that all things have a meaning if they exist. This implies that God had a purpose of letting evil enter the world. The explanations of Isaiah 45:7 also clearly illustrate it. This means that, in order to obtain the Gods goodness, we must make choices between the two factors.

In addition, one can learn that God is just, and He is good. This aspect seems to have a certain conclusion about God. These explanations can be found in John 1:5 and Nahum 1:7. This aspect explains that evil and God are totally different and have nothing in common. This implies that God cannot do evil, and that there are consequences and reasons for doing evil as explained in Job 34:10. Evil is a tool that is always a resisting element to the will of God as stated in Mathew 16: 23. There are consequences for those who indulge in evil as claimed in Job 15: 20-35 and in psalms 7:14-17. Evil is a force meant to cause havoc in the lives of those who are good. Evil has different means according to various people. There are those who claim that evil shows the plans God has over human beings. There are those who describe evil as a repelling power that fights with goodness. There are those that claim that humans will never have any understanding of the real truth.

The logical theodicy is very controversial. This theodicy does not account for the Gods existence (Surin, 2004).

The aspect of evil has predominantly received considerable attention. The more people talk about evil, the broader picture of it is established, and the more it relates with the world. People trust in evil; thus, it continues to exist. This aspect has led to a new awakening about a theodicy. A theodicy should be straightforward to explain the truth that concerns reality. This theodicy should also go ahead and admit that God is good in all of his grace. In addition, a theodicy should develop, be clear, and explain the aspect of good and evil. This means that it must provide reasons based on good and evil.

Suffering is an aspect that is associated with evil. God has explained that suffering is not and will never be optional. God states that suffering was not a thing he caused; suffering is meant to shape our salvation. This is well explained in Hebrews 12:2. This is an aspect that should be respected and people should realize that suffering is a part of our life. Thus, reconciliation with God is what can end all our evils and suffering that we face.

Evil was not present during creation. All what is mentioned is the word of God, which was to live forever. Despite the light that was there, there existed darkness either, and it alternated with light. The aspect of considering darkness means we are considering a certain phenomenon. This means that we converted nothing and made it look like something. This nothing is what plays in our mind and we find ourselves chasing it away. When we commit sins, we are assumed to have terminated our lives. This contradicts the creator; people consider him as the one who should terminate life. This aspect brings many questions as to why he who likes us to be good will let us be infested by evil. This question is very difficult to answer. He rejects these questions according to Romans 9:20.


God is the sovereign ruler and we should follow his will. The Bible states that we are created according to the Gods image. This aspect implies that we should do and be good. Evil must exist to ensure that individuals assume the right way to live. This means that we should embrace the Holy Spirit who helps us avoid and object to evil as explained in Ephesians 6:10-18. This aspect is what makes God come to the rescue as He has the will to rectify people.

Many theologians believe that God had his own reasons when he allowed evil to be a propellant towards achieving good. They claim that God can only allow a lot of evil to inhabit the earth for people to try and perform good actions. They claim that some of the existing evils in the world do not bring any good. According to certain theologians, some ways of suffering we experience are pointless and only God has the answer to their existence. This has fuelled a decrease in faith; people doubt whether God exists at all. People must understand that faith is the determinant to fighting evil. Evil is evident and real and, according to many theologians, people ought to understand that evil is there.

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The best weapon designed to end and release one from the captivity of evil is salvation. This implies that, when you accept to do as God wishes, evil distances itself. This is the only tool that separates people from evil. By accepting salvation, one can be spiritually mature to fight any arising circumstances. This aspect has made many conclude that evil is a rebellious force against us. This implies that God has the ultimate power to end evil, but cannot end it as it is the propelling power towards humanity. If God eliminates evil then we would all believe in him and it would be the same for all. This means that people would not understand what life and its suffering entails. If people were to literally object to Gods goodness, then God would not restrict evil in order to overcome someone.

Many theologians believe that evil needs practical concern. They state that certain resources are required to overcome evil. Suffering plays a part in the state of good in a person. Theologians explain that suffering can be considered as a form of punishment for involving oneself with evil. They go ahead and say that Satan is the one who leads us to committing evil. Despite different theories among many theologians, there are those who still do not believe that Satan causes suffering. This controversy identifies three elements that we as people have to choose from; these are: omnipotence, evil, and goodness. This makes many believe that God had a particulate answer to why He let evil enter the world.

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Theologians try to explain the aspect of evils existence in the world according to traditional theories. These theories state that God is finite, is never good, and that there is no evil. These theories have received criticism from various theologians. Some of them include Kenneth Surin, John Hick and Alvin Plantinga. These theologians tend to disagree with the traditional theories because of the explanation from The Book of Job. This book explains that evil is a tool conquered by faith. According to the book, evil finally must end.

Kenneth Surin, one of the most prominent theologians, argues against the traditional theory that explains theodicy. Surin argues that suffering has been experienced by people since Christ died and was crucified. Kenneth Surin explains that suffering is not essentially caused and brought about by sin and evil as traditionally claimed. Surin explains that God is the ultimate solution of evil. He claims that God is there to wipe out evil from the face of those who believe. He states that God is always ready to help those who run away from evil. This aspect explains the accessibility that God provides to his creation. Surin advices people to emulate Jesus. He says that we should all try and overcome evil using the most precious gift of faith. In addition, Surin states that evil and its entire object should help us be stronger in faith and service to God.

There exists a controversy between Surin and the church; it is fuelled by his views of the evil issue. Surin explains that God acts according to his own ways and is against evil. Surin has a major disagreement that evil and the goodness of God contradict each other. Surin believes that these two factors exist. He claims that God is always and will be always good. Kenneth Surin presents various ways in which people could eliminate evil. In addition, he tends to explain the original nature of the Almighty in terms of the love he has to his creations. Surin is among those who highly object and oppose theodicy.

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Kenneth Surin, together with other theologians, confirms that God indeed suffers when humans are infected by evil caused by their choice of free will. He explains that the misuse of the legal will subjects us to evil; as a result, God suffers due to this misuse. The theologian states that the ultimate love that God has towards humans is what leads to his suffering.

Kenneth Surin argues about the credibility of the traditional theory. The traditional theory does not seem to consider the presence of God. This theory outdoes any possibility of Gods existence. It admits the goodness of the lord but challenges it saying that it is not legal. This is not real as explained in The Book of Job. This aspect makes Kenneth Surin disagree with it. This theory claims that God is finite. This aspect also implies that God has no upper hand in the prevention of evil. According to this theory, evil does not exist. Kenneth Surin states that evil is not some kind of illusion; he claims that evil is real and should be fought by use of faith. The aspect that these theories will never give a lasting solution to how evil can be eliminated makes them unrealistic. In addition, this theory treats God in a depriving way. The desire to find a lasting solution to the removal of evil is what made Surin argue against the traditional theory.

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