The Rock Climbing Dilemma by Marcus Nathan

The article ‘The Rock Climbing Dilemma’ by Marcus Nathan depicts and elucidates various types of climbing, spanning from the traditional models to the evolution of rock climbing, and then to sport climbing. The article portrays the importance of rock climbing as well as points out its negative impacts. It explains how and why this sport changed from the former methods of climbing to modern techniques. The article states that this sport activity is divided in two types depending on how climbing is performed. Climbing is divisible into clean climbing and sport climbing.

Clean Climbing

Clean climbing means that a group of participants has a leader who conducts first steps to create a route by placing temporary stoppers on the rock surface before telling his/her partners to follow his path. However, there exist certain similarities between clean and sport climbing. For instance, natural cracks on the rock faces are considered chosen points to place “stoppers” and anchors in both situations. Sport climbing is different from clean climbing due to the fact that one can undertake it alone; in clean climbing, in turn, one requires a whole team and a leader to manage the process. On the other hand, clean climbing involves temporary climbing devices, while, in sport climbing, permanent marks, known as holes, are drilled in the rock surfaces and “sport bolts” are placed.

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is a physically and health beneficial activity that allows one to exercise physical energy and mental concentration in life. This sport has attracted many participants from all over the world; some of them try to convert it into a sporting carrier to earn a living, while others undertake it for fun. Countries with fascinating rocks for climbing earn foreign currency from tourists who come to rock climb in their regions. However, proper sport safety precautions must be emphasized and adhered to in order to counter risks that might occur. Sport climbing is a good idea if one wishes to become stronger, more agile and improve concentration or just experience an adrenalin rush.  

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