Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication includes the gestures that people show when holding conversations, watching something or when listening to someone. There types of communication also include facial expressions, posture, sign language, body movements, tone of the voice, eye gaze and also handshake. These types of nonverbal communications can be categorized into two; the usual and the unusual. Postures are difficult to determine and interpret. It is difficult for one to understand what a person wish to express through his/her posture. A handshake is also a difficult form of a nonverbal communication.

However, there are several nonverbal types of communication that are widely used by many and happen to be the most common. Facial expressions for instance are used by everyone mostly to show how one feels about a certain situation. Through a facial expression it is easy to know if a person likes or hates someone since such feelings are expressed through the moves of the eyebrows, forehead and even the mouth. For instance if a lady happens to dislike a man, she may contract her forehead, roll her eyes or raise her eyebrows. Facial expressions are mostly used because they are easily interpreted in comparison to all the other forms of non verbal communication.


During the visit at the mall, most strangers contracted their forehead the moment they are asked about something they dislike. Others smiled on meeting and made the conversation start well. The verbal responses from strangers in the mall included answering greetings on the very first encounter and some people asked questions.  The research in the mall portrayed the excessive use of nonverbal communication especially between strangers. Most children don’t talk to strangers verbally but engage in nonverbal communication, especially with their body movement. For example, a child who is scared to talk to a stranger might be shy and start squeezing her/his fingers or touching her/his clothes. The society is aware of nonverbal forms of communication and it is important for people know how to interpret them.

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