John Harwood is a well-qualified author, who appeared in The New York Times on December 26, 2007 with his article “Huckabee under a Closer Microscope.”

After several years, the world met many of his works, which impressed the audience with its deep and complex meaning. John Harwood created “For Populism, a Return to Economic Roots” (March 23, 2009) and “Obama Campaign Borrows from Bush ’04 Playbook” (October 2, 2011), where he kept the attention on the protecting gay rights.

However, his article “A Sea Change in less than 50 Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum”, which was published on March 25, 2013 in The New York Times, impressed audience most of all. John Harwood underwent the years of political processes and finally created a unique work about the gay rights movement for the last 50 years. Exactly this work has an important sense and historical meaning.

Nowadays, there is a tendency to pay attention to equality, human rights, and rights of minorities. Democracy and ethical approaches are the basis of the modern society. However, people in different countries (and especially leaders of different countries) show example of rejection minority groups. These people have limited rights. No democracy can take place in a society where people do not give the chance to those who live in a different way. That is why the work by John Harwood is worth discussion and a closer analysis.

Main Points

In the article, John Harwood maintained politicians’ opinion and the process of its changes through the years. He connected the gay rights movement with the achievements of the US development.

The author defines key words and important technical terms with the direct speech of politicians. Direct citations not only demonstrate the opinion of these figures but also reflect the public attitude to minority groups for more than 50 years. Gay and lesbian faced plenty of promises and many of them were not implemented in the real life. Unfortunately, these people are still limited in their rights and fight for their rights to feel equal in the modern world.

John Harwood presents the topic as the modern problem. Many people close their eyes on it. Great number of them does not want to give the chance to gays to show themselves and live a normal life in the society without judgment.

John Harwood makes a significant step to support those who need help in the modern community. “A Sea Change in less than 50 Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum” is the way of reminding people that all are the same on the planet, and people need to treat each other with respect instead of deprecation.


There is no doubt that the article is the worth work that contains a great amount of processed information. However, there are some strengths and weaknesses which make the work specific enough, comparing to others.

The strengths of the article include:

The author achieved his purposes due to undergoing years of the gays’ right movement. He starts his work with the reminding of reason and time (1969) when everything started to acquire a loud public sense. John Harwood makes notions about speech of Obama, who has a great influence nowadays. He maintains examples when gays are not unknown people but those who are at the close surveillance of journalists (Clinton’s son).

The work provides trustworthy information and credible points of view. John Harwood protects each word with the official speeches, videos, and publications. The author does not fabricate information. He only flaunts the facts, which have taken place in the past, and obvious present problems, which gays and lesbians face each day.

However, the article by John Harwood sounds sometimes like an informative statement. There are no good emotional aspects that could really change something in the modern life. It would be better if the author maintained the real reasons of why the present world community is still not ready to recognize the gay and lesbians, who take the main power of influencing this problem solving. Exactly these aspects are not clear through the statement.

Comparing African-American right movement with the gay right process is a bias in this article. Different periods and different levels of privacy of the questions cannot be equally compared. The African-American right movement had more difficulties in the past, when the society used to be more strict and conservative. Even nowadays, gays and lesbians live in a more progressive society. Their choice face difficulties, but they are different.

In the article, there are some distortions. There is a distorting statement at the beginning of the article, and it states that gays’ right movement started in 1969. However, it has started much earlier. Even ancient times date information about gay and lesbian love, which nevertheless faced difficulties also.

Sensationalism took place, when John Harwood wrote about unofficial video which H. Clinton published about her husband’s true opinion and preferences of their son.

It would be better if the author made a comparing for the changes that happened. He could also could show the future prognosis and name the main protectors and oppositionists in the modern political world.

However, “A Sea Change in less than 50 Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum” impresses with the complexness the analysis that the author has made before. “50 Years” has easily become a short article containing manifestation speeches, questions, and answers which have been a secret for so many years.

John Howard leaves some space for choosing a personal position in the question of gays right movement. Nevertheless, he is trying to help reader feel more humanity and loyalty to people’s individualities and specifics. Exactly this way of conveying information to the audience makes it unique compared to others on this topic.

Each speech that is used in the article can be found in archive documents and not only in paper but also in a video form. It helps to keep awareness of this subject and be sure in the trustworthy of information which John Harwood proposes for reading.

This article keeps its usefulness, because it contains information, which is hard for searching to non-specialists. There is even difficult to imagine any other work which includes the last 50-years changes, proposes for reading direct speeches by famous politicians about the topic, their promises and actions, which took or did not take place in the country’s community.

It is impressive to read the work that is trying to improve people’s relations, bring more humanity and tolerance to the present society. Nowadays, people are being too aggressive and egocentric. Mostly, they used to “take” but not “give” and, especially, not give the chance to those who have some differences (preferences, thinking).

There are many people with open minds for everything new, and they make the world better. However, there are still many conservatives who are not ready to move fast for everything new. Moreover, these people try to limit the actions of others and changes in the community around them. Many of conservatives can be met at responsible positions.

John Harwood helps to identify them and change the way of thinking. He sees the background of problem exactly in conservators. His article makes an effort to change the world around and send a piece of hope that in a short period of time the so-called “democracy” will become a true one, where everybody will be able to find his/her place under the sun.


Gays and lesbians rights’ movement has become more significant and meaningful for the last century. Nowadays, they are trying to protect their rights and prove the world that they are the same to heterosexual representatives. Unfortunately, not all people all over the world understand it. Some of them are even making homosexuality and crime equal.

However, not all people think in such a conservative way. John Harwood is one of them. On March 25, 2013, he presented his article “A Sea Change in less than 50 Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum” to the world, publishing it in The New York Times. He analyzed the changes that took place in the gays right movements for the last 50 years.

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It was brave of him to include direct speeches of famous politicians to prove his ideas and maintain the processes that took place in the past. Sensations and crucially important facts are shown in his work. The great analysis of data for the last 50 years is represented in the article, and it can be easily understood by everybody.

In this work, there was analyzed the usefulness and meaning of the article. There were found strengths and weaknesses of the article, sensational facts, and some distortions. In addition, there was proved the competence of the author in this sphere.

Reviewing it from different points of view, there was made a conclusion of uniqueness and crucial value of this work. The article represents the instrument and method of changing levels of humanity, loyalty, and tolerance in the modern community. It is the effort to convince conservatives to let the progress achieve a great deal, make people equal in their rights, and allow the democracy show its real face, where people of majority respect rights of minority. In this case, the article gives the opportunity to expand human rights at present and create a great future for the community.

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