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Evangelistic Method #1

The four laws evangelism method is based on the four laws that are derived from the Bible. The first one is God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life. This law is based on John 3:16, the verse which states that Lord gave His son so that man can have everlasting life. It is also based on John 10:10. This chapter quotes Christ saying that he came to the world so that people can have an abundant life.

The second law states that man is sinful and separated from God. This prevents him from knowing and experiencing Gods love. It is based on Romans 3:23 verse of the Bible. Because man was stubborn and actively rebellious in nature, his fellowship with God was broken. There is a big gap between man and God. He is sinful but God is Holy. Man however continues to reach Lord so that he can have an abundant life. Nevertheless, his efforts are always in vain.

The third law states that Jesus Christ is Gods only provision for mans sin. It is only through God that man can know and experience his love and plan for life. This is emphasized in Romans 5:8, the verse which states that God still demonstrates His love to us even when we are sinners. The evidence of it is Christs death. John 14:6 affirms that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; that we have to pass through Him in order to go to the Father. This helps to bridge the gap between God and man.

The fourth law states that we must individually receive Christ as Lord and Savior. This will help man know and experience Gods plan. John 1:12 emphasizes this point by stating that those who receive Christ have been given the right to become Gods children. Further, Ephesians 2:8-9 states that people are saved through faith, and not individual power. Therefore, people should not boast about anything that is a gift of God. In addition, people receive Jesus through personal invitation. No one who discerns the invitation should decline. An emotional experience in salvation is more important than just knowledge that Jesus died for us. This means that receiving Jesus is an act of both will and faith. When people yield to Christ, their actions are directed towards Him. This results in harmony with Gods plan.

The main advantage of the four laws of the evangelism is the use of scriptures as evidence. The method of evangelism also emphasizes on action. People are called upon to listen to gospel and then act. Scriptures verify what evangelists say. The disadvantage is that it is not associated with any method of reaching communities. In addition, it is considered too common. Target communities may think of it as boring.

Evangelistic Method #2

Servant evangelism is a type of evangelism, where Christians gather in scheduled meetings to share their personal experiences with God. It is based on the Bible verse that those who give life away will find it. It is a cheap method of evangelism. Servant evangelism is a platform for Christians to show love to one another. People are transformed by experiences of becoming a family and attracting people into the community of faith.

Servant evangelists organize missions where they integrate with non-members in a bid to share the word of God and distribute small tokens. This is however, not agreeable to all, some people may think that it is a waste of money. When servant evangelists conduct several visits, people may associate with them, thereby opening opportunities for sharing experiences, such as life experiences and experiences of spreading the gospel among others.

Servant evangelism has various advantages. It allows people to become attractive to the wider community. This is because it speaks about the journey of faith. Most people like to think of themselves as belonging to this journey. It also allows members of the servant evangelistic group to be more disciplined. Values are integrated in the mission and vision of the group.

Servant leadership is identified with several disadvantages. It is a relatively expensive and slow method. Servant evangelism is seen to be befitting the youth only.

Evangelistic Method #3

Door to door evangelism is a holistic evangelistic method that mainly includes finding people where they are located and sharing the word of God with them. It is a kind of evangelism that emphasizes prayer. It is through prayer that people know what God wants to do. This method is guided by the Holy Spirit and a clear understanding of the aims of this type of evangelism.


The vision of door to door evangelism is communicated to church members. The purpose of it must be understood by those who participate in it. Evangelists must be honored, since door to door activity is a part of the church life. The motivation is in the realization that God wants the spiritual healthy believers to reach out to other people. The purpose of door to door evangelism is to bring all people in a community under one union of servant evangelism.

There are many advantages of door to door evangelism. It is a flexible method that reaches the whole community. Evangelists can fit the evangelism schedule to fit other commitments. It is also cheap and easy to organize, especially because it is an outreach program. It is a good platform for personal evangelism. In addition, it helps people establish contacts, which are far more beneficial than those established from other forms of evangelism. People can share on a personal basis. Furthermore, it shows that a church is not an inward-looking faction; it is interested in people and thereby goes to them.

Door to door evangelism has its disadvantages too. For example, it is not always suitable for young people. These young people may not find time for evangelists. In addition, door to door evangelists tend to be in the teams of two to three ladies. Mixed-sex teams are ideal but not common. In addition, it is at first difficult to turn believers into door to door evangelists.

Door to door evangelism involves a variety of techniques. For example, evangelists may distribute pamphlets or talk to people. Alternatively, they can use these two techniques. They are rarely given an opportunity to choose.

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One of the concerns of door to door evangelism is how to utilize personal relationships to talk people into evangelism. Evangelists are expected to call back. The question that arises is: how many more times should one call back? People may open their door only after persistent knocking. This may lower the motivation of evangelists. If literature is to be distributed, locally relevant material is preferred. Gifts may be given for special occasions. People may be invited personally or publicly to important events that they may be interested in. They can also be invited through published materials. Successful evangelism also uses personal stories. These stories convince people that God has worked miracles in the lives of various people and that He is calling on the listener to experience it. Door to door evangelism is suitable for the use of any questionnaires if the church is interested in a survey. Evangelists should be kind and alert so they can identify people who need help or prayers.

Effective door to door evangelism requires that evangelism has a distinguishable character. For example, evangelists must be regular. This also requires that they are motivated enough. Regular outreach programs are a sign that evangelists care about people. They must also be consistent. This means that contact is given the priority. The outreach program must be attractive or else people will not find time for evangelists. Some market research is needed in order to discover what is really attractive. The subject matter should be relevant. Needs and issues that characterize a particular audience need to be discovered. It is important to pull the best outreach program even if it means coverage of a small location. Expansion of the area will be done as resources grow. This helps to maintain the quality and presence. Evangelists need to be generous. They should only ask for money if it will be used to fulfill a recognized secular need. Evangelists should keep records of their work. When they have invited people to the church, they need to make pastoral arrangements rather than think their work is done.

Application of These Methods to Your Own Life

In my opinion, the most effective method among the three is servant evangelism. This method allows evangelists to target specific groups of people and then reach out to them. Even though financial resources are needed, target groups can be identified, and missions can be organized to meet their needs. For example, if I were to use it to reach to my friends, I would be prepared enough and consider what is relevant for them. People need to be shown that others are leading a good life of faith. This is what servant evangelism helps them to achieve.

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Servant leadership is a unique platform for Christians to share their own personal experiences and strengthen one another. It can reach to communities often neglected during evangelism initiatives. These communities include the elderly, prisoners, orphans, criminal gangs among others. In addition, people are likely to be found in groups in the modern society. Students accept servant evangelistic teams since they can ask questions comfortably.

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