Antony Johnson Biography

Antony Johnson was brought to America by slave traders in 1621 from Angola where he was born. The first time he was mentioned as “Antonio a Negro” as a worker for the Virginia Company on a tobacco plantation. We do not know now if he worked there as a slave or as an indentured servant. After he had been brought to work on tobacco plantation of Edward Bennett, the Indians attacked it; as a result, over fifty people were killed. Antony was one of the five who survived. “Mary a Negro” became his wife next year. Later, they had two sons and two daughters, but that is not the culmination of the story about Antonio. The culmination began after gaining their freedom somewhere between 1625 and 1640 and moving to Virginia’s Eastern Shore where they acquired their own land,. The couple lived there and raised their livestock. By 1650, their land was about 250 acres along Pungoteague Creek. It was unbelievable for a black ex-slave to have such a sizeable land. The meaning of this person in the history of the modern USA and the history of Negro’s status in the USA and the whole world is amazing. He was the first black landowner and slave owner by himself. He raised the status of Negros of those years and made history. In 1665, the couple sold the 250-acre land and leased a 300-acre farm in Maryland. The history tells that the community respected Antony and his family. The life of “Antonio a Negro” influenced the whole march of history. After his death, there were some changes in the social status of black people, for example, some Negros, just like his children, were allowed to hold some land and be independent farmers that was impossible before.


In 1748, the term “Creole” appeared the first time. Creole people are descendants of French, Spanish, and Portuguese settlers in Latin America and the West Indies. It is a hard thing to tell about the Creole culture, because it is too big to describe. Nevertheless, one thing that should be mentioned is that this culture was based on the cultures of Old World (the traditions of settlers mentioned above) and America (traditions of settlers from the rest of the world mixed in one). The atmosphere existing there can be referred to as French because books, wines, furniture, clothes, dances, and songs was frequently kept in French traditions. Even if the basis of social life of ancestors of Creole was French, soon it was mixed by the others’ traditions. A new culture was created – Creole culture. The cuisine, for example, was influenced by African slaves’ traditions and was divided into black Creoles’ cuisine and Creoles of color’s one. The language of Louisiana Creoles unites the elements of African, Spanish, French, and Native American roots. The religion can be associated with Creoles to the extent that even the streets and places in New Orleans are named after Roman Catholic saints. The holidays were also catholic. It was the religion of French and Spanish settlers. We see that this culture was created most of all upon the culture of the Old World with some substitutions, additions, and mixing.

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