Informative - essays

The Relation of Media Technologies and Human Behaviors

It is impossible to imagine modern society without huge amounts of information, which with the help of computer technologies are actively circulating in different spheres of human life and dramatically change the dynamics of social processes.


Automotive Industry

In any developed economy, the auto industry is one of the basic industries. In the automotive segment, which employs hundreds of thousands of workers, the products of this industry make up a large share of GDP.


Aeroflot Cargo

The date of foundation of "Aeroflot" is 9 February 1923. On this day, the Council of Labor and Defense of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic issued a decree "On the organization of the Civil Aviation" and "On the assignment of technical supervision of the airlines to the General Directorate of the fleet."


Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the temperature rise on the surface because of thermal energy, which appears in the atmosphere...


The Enlightenment in View of Famous Philosophers

Enlightenment refers to the intellectual and social phenomenon accured in Western Europe during the eighteenth century. According to Osborne (1998), the enlightenment is just a family of intellectual ideas that emphasized the primary reasons in the organization of social and political life.


Assessment of Operating Systems Security Vulnerabilities

Operating system is very important for an effective work of an organization.Nevertheless, operating system is often exposed to different threats, which come from Internet or various users who plan hacker attacks.


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