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BMW 4 Series Cars

The chosen model is BMW 4 Series; and the user is an old man. This model of the car has a number of specialized characteristics which are associated with its design. However, there are a number of constraints or limitations associated with this model.


The Portrait of King Midas in Greek Mythology

King Midas is quite a famous personality for those who are keen on history, especially, the history of Greece. He has been prominently featured in two myths that speak of his interaction with famous Greek gods Dionysus, son of Zeus and god of wine, and Apollo, god of truth, medicine, archery, poetry, and music.


Leadership Traits of Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul made a great contribution to early Christianity. He established many churches in the main cities of Roman Empire, and was one of the first missionaries. In addition, the Apostle Paul was not just a preacher or evangelist - he was also a leader.


American Heroine - Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is an American heroine who helped to eliminate the unjust segregation and apartheid between the African-Americans and the Caucasians. There was a segregation law according to which in the bus the African-Americans were expected to give their seats to the Caucasians. The colored people were to take the back seats always while in the public transport.


David Hume: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion The debate over design and order in the universe and whether a supreme power is behind the explicitly orderly systems in the universe have been tackled by many notable and distinguished scholars.


Theodicy in Relation To God and Evil

The fight against evil is on the rise among people. Many still question the importance of evil in society.


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