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During the late 1950s, the concept of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, emerged and vouched for comparison with Cybernetics; successfully, usurping its place and getting heavily favored by sponsors and scientific community alike.


Essential of Interpersonal Communication

Thus, a person can send and receive verbal and nonverbal signals at the same time, therefore he or she acts both as a sender and a receiver. The transitional model acknowledges that a sender and a receiver can be encoding and decoding messages simultaneously and, accordingly, defines them as communicators.


Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Differences

Nonverbal communication may be simpler compared to verbal communication, especially if the two individuals involved in communication exchanges are familiar with the various techniques utilized in nonverbal communication.


The Development of the Texas Frontier from 1810 to 1848

Discuss the development of the Texas frontier from 1810 to 1848. Consider in your answer both Mexican and American interests. How did the resulting clash lead, first, to a call for Texan independence and then subsequent annexation to the United States under the banner of Manifest Destiny?


The Relationship between Test Anxiety and Learned Helplessness

The major objective of the study was to examine the relationship between test anxiety and learned helplessness. The part...


History of Condoms

According to the dictionaries, condom can be defined in the several ways. Condom is a barrier type means of contraceptio...


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