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Global Health Systems in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe, with a population of approximately 9.6 million people. The country is considered to be the third largest in the European Union by size, and its population density is very low with more people in the South than in the North. Swedens total nominal GDP stands at over $550 billion, making it the fourth most competitive country in the world with regards to the economic muscle (Anell, Anna & Sherry, 2012).


The Threat of Leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease caused the protozoan Leishmania spp occurs in two different forms - visceral and cutaneous. Higher incidences of the disease were allegedly reported in the United States after the arrival of a US soldier from the war in the Middle East. This area has higher incidences of this disease as compared to other parts of the world.


Artificial Retina

Artificial retina is described as a device consisting of an array of microelectrodes. It is usually implanted into the eyes of blind people, whose blindness is caused by a severe and profound retinal disease. Artificial retina is made up of the carbon nanotube biometric film with a video processing unit and a transmitter


Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention

Other than identifying patients with factors of risk of lower limb amputation and educating them, nurses make a follow-up to the homes, especially to the individuals with visual impairment caused by diabetes.


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