The major purpose of this essay is to refer to the basis of macroeconomic concepts that generate the ideas for major cases. In this case, the paper compares two aspects in the given context. Understanding of macroeconomic concepts is necessary for the analysis of major techniques that can create actual plans in business developments. Macroeconomic concepts that are discussed in this paper relate to major concepts learnt in class. The basis is used to evaluate these main concepts that are included in major topics. This paper evaluates actual points in macroeconomic environment that affect business operations. Main macroeconomic concepts to be analyzed are the issues of international market for two products. Both products require the global expansion of the market.

The main important area that is discussed is covering expansion of international markets. Mobile computing has seen many benefits from international markets as there are new strategies for expansion on the global arena. Mobile computing is concerned with many things that include software and hardware. In this scenario, mobile phones will be compared with personal computers in the context of international markets. Mobile phones have become more useful for different people. Many people now prefer using mobile phones for communication other than adopting the use of normal telephones. This has created a special link to the entire market globally. This has also expanded international marketing strategies for Mobile computing. Actual techniques used in international markets have changed due to current status of usage of mobile devices. The result is the increase in the actual results of the analysis in this market.

Many people have now adopted the use of mobile phones for communication hence expanded their uses. Prices of phones has also changed, making them affordable to many people. The actual results are analyzed using particular characteristics of international markets in terms of sales and other unique aspects in the global market. The increase in phones usage has led to an increase in mobile computing services, whereby the analysis is useful for creating an actual attribute for international customers. International marketing requires the use of special characteristics that generate overall results for expansion in sales departments for mobile phone creation. On the other hand, personal computers have now been on high demand compared to desktops. Among many other advantages, the main advantage of PCs to the users is that they are portable. They have a high speed and can be used to store more personal data compared to desktop. Many students in universities worldwide are now purchasing laptops that help them in their studies. Lectures are also utilizing them for teaching purposes. Lectures use PCs to store data relating to students. Most of them are sold in every city since universities have now spread worldwide. The actual result is expansion of sales in the international market.

International market has created a wide scope for the two products in terms of advertising and promotion. Many people have improved their attitude that international markets are actually beneficial to producers only. The change in attitudes has enabled a faster access to global effects relating to the sales of both products. Major areas to be covered in this instance are those that relate to actual pricing of products. International markets have to some extent affected the way prices of the two devices are set. Marketing strategies in the international markets are associated with final prices. Advertising and promotion of these products incur a lot of expenses that must be accounted for in the final product. One must evaluate prices of both products to come up with the best price that will attract more customers. Customer’s satisfaction is created by using affordable prices. This ensures that effective approach is used to achieve marketing goals. Customers need actual and precise products that have the ability to satisfy their needs. The major areas of concern relate to attributes that are achievable in the long-run as well as to those that will be achieved in the short-run by the companies involved. Prices favor common elements that make the actual output in sales level for both markets.

Inflation has affected sales level of both products in the international market. The inflation leads to an increase in prices of products. Mobile computing is likely to experience a negative effect in the international market due to inflation. Inflation makes customers buy less of mobile phones, and many consumers will go for cheap ones that are more affordable. Mobile phones are used to create a link for both analytical and articulate features linked to sales level. This leads to fewer sales affecting general performance of the involved companies. Inflation can be controlled by changing many economic factors. The government raises the level of taxation to reduce the amount of money in the economy. With the reduced money supply in the economy, the level of inflation reduces, hence affecting actual prices and commodities that relate to mobile phones and personal computers. Prices affected by inflation are causing customers to be less responsive to advertising and promotion efforts in the international markets. The major factors that particularly relate to the pricing of individual products are quite useful to the public.

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The level of technology in mobile computing has led to improvement in the market. The technology has led to an increase and improvement of sales affecting the mobile computing. Research has been carried out to increase the quality of mobile phones and other gadgets. This has led to actual improvement in the level of possible attainment in global assessment and other factors. The main useful factors that resulted from the research help customers obtain maximum utility from the services they obtain from vendors. In actual terms, customer’s utility is subject to the quality of products they purchase. In case customers are not able to obtain their maximum utility while purchasing mobile devices, the international market for mobile computing services will be adversely affected. International market for mobile devices requires special attention as customers are aware of different models. Introduction of new models will help the management in these markets develop the right factors that can generate a better environment for their efforts.


Actual developments in international markets help managers critically analyze the plans for success in the international markets. Technology has also led to positive increase in sales level in the international market for PCs. Technology has led to production of high speed laptops. The research has also led to introduction of PCs that have many features including cameras and location gadgets. This has made people purchase PCs instead of desktops. The final result is the introduction of laptops with special features that are being sold on the market. The government encourages research and developing by hiring scientists and other specialists to assist in the learning process. The main factor associated with proper research is the increase in total sales for the company. This requires the company to be equipped with essential resources and manpower to run the required factors. Current sales of PCs in the international market have increased by 23% owing to the role of technology. The research has helped attain maximum sales level for the company. Maximum sales are attained with union in actual research programs in international markets that are useful in advertising and other promotion services. Particular goals affecting the actual growth have led to an increase in management efforts of encouraging employees to become persistent in terms of quality production. Quality is a major factor affecting international market for two commodities.

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The level of competition is a major element in the international market. The main factor to be considered in this scenario is the level and degree of competition that affect mobile computing and PCs. The two products can be termed as tangible assets hence can be easily perishable. This results in an actual increase in competition on the international market. The level of competition between current mobile phones and former telephones is the portability power. This leads to an increase in promotion efforts by the concerned producers in order to increase the level of sales of their products. Consumers require more time in order to be convinced to purchase products. International markets have facilitated this by creating advertising programs to help increase awareness about the existence of mobile computing and personal computing. This has increased the level of competition. The two products have realized more sales since their quality standards are as per customer’s interests. The level of productivity in this case requires the actual developments to take place and create a better approach to international markets.

The level of competition affects the level of profits of specific companies. In the international market, cultural elements that are involved in competition strategies are useful to increase understanding of the particular unique features. Mobile devices are competing with old telephone devices and have overcome competition due to special features. Mobile phones are portable compared to the past communication devices. They are able to do several things that telephones cannot. To start with, they are able to send texts. This has improved communication compared to the past. Current status improvements in communication have helped customers buy more products. Competition among international producers of these devices has helped improve the quality of PCs. Laptops are essential in developing different programs in many institutions. Improved quality of laptops helped increase the general level of sales. The sales are also affected by the competition in the actual development of the required software.

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The government has also played a positive role in international markets. The government helps create a better environment to encourage foreign customers to buy more of a given product. This has lead to increased sales as customers are willing to obtain actual utility assisted by the government. The government has negotiated with international market officials and signed several agreements. The main agreement is that international markets will encourage sales by reducing the fee that specific companies were charged. This has speeded up regional and urban developments that help reach more customers. Another agreement is that the current status of markets should be planned to ensure development in terms of current affairs of the companies.

The government helps producers penetrate the market by employing accurate tax rates. Taxation is a major factor that helps the government cover its public expenditure. The government, however, should set the best tax rate that will not lead to an increase of cost of production. The tax rate should be equitable in terms of quantity. The tax rate for the two products should be constant so that production managers can set the right price for products. This will in turn create a price that will favor customers. This will attract more customers to purchase mobile computing services and, as a result, increase sales level. This will be made possible as more people will purchase affordable PCs.

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The government can also give tax holidays for producers. The tax holiday is meant to reduce internal costs for the company. This will lead to attraction of more customers hence an increase in profits and internal earnings for companies. The government can also help reduce internal costs by giving the producers a chance to participate in international market forums. This can be facilitated by the government representative in international markets. Agents can help in advertising of PCs and mobile computing services. International markets for the two products will be expanded, and more customers will be aware of the existence and properties of the products. The agents will enter into agreements with customer’s agents and come up with agreements that will lead to an increase in sales. Efforts of the government will also be helpful as they will create an increase in tax revenue owing to the increase in sales for PCs and mobile computing services.

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