Any healthcare system is a very complex organism. The peculiarities of its functioning are studied by various branches of science, for example, health economics and health psychology. Both of these branches analyze healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviors from different angles and influence each other; however their findings significantly contribute to the process of improving all aspects of the human life connected with the health issues. It should also be mentioned that this impact is not “one-way street” – it goes in both directions.

There are two main spheres where the ties between health economics and health psychology are the strongest. The first aspect deals with everyday health behaviors. Scientists have discovered numerous ways in which the economic status of a person significantly influences his or her economic interaction with different healthcare institutions and directly influences health behaviors, smoking or joining a gym. Gazella analyzes a variety of these ties in her blog and particularly focuses on the government’s actions that aim at improving public health. These actions are exactly on the edge between health economics and health psychology. For example, the author mentions “improving access to higher-quality foods for those with a lower socioeconomic status”.

The second aspect is referred to such important application of health psychology as improving doctor–patient communication. It is crucial for any healthcare institution to pay special attention to this issue as it is one of the most significant factors in boosting the profitability of the organization. If health psychology manages to solve at least some of the problems connected with communication during medical consultations, patients are likely to show more trust to the healthcare institution, and this will certainly increase its revenues. This example unites some behavioral economic concepts and the basics of health psychology.

To conclude, it is necessary to say that the combination of these two branches can considerably improve the quality and accuracy of investigations conducted in these spheres. Moreover, it will benefit not only healthcare organizations, but also individuals, no matter whether they are doctors or patients. In the modern world, such interrelations are a norm, not an exception.

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