Economics - essays

Economic Segregation at Schools

Segregation has always been one of the most vital social issues in the USA. Economic segregation implies differentiation of people based on their material welfare.


Economics Essay: Pepsi Company

Pepsi Company is an American multinational company that manufactures and distributes foods and beverages to over 200 countries. The company was founded in Delaware, United States in 1965.


Issues in Global Political Economy

There has been a contentious debate among researchers as for the authenticity of the statement that the countries that are rich in resources are the poorest or that the concept of resource...


Oil Prices and Petrol Exporting Nations’ Economy

Varying implicit suppositions with respect to the reaction of the total value level to changes in total interest underlie a considerable number of the most critical debates in the field...


Economics Tools and Concept Paper

Health itself cannot be sold or bought, but goods and services which allow maintaining or restoring it are available on market. However, many ordinary goods and...


The Basis of Macroeconomic Concepts

The major purpose of this essay is to refer to the basis of macroeconomic concepts that generate the ideas for major cases. In this case, the paper compares two aspects in the given context.


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