Economics - essays

Economic Crisis in Greece

Following the global economic crisis of 2008, and a period of borrowing money from banks, Greece could not...


China Ecomics Strategies

China has become the most important player in the world economy. It is considered to be the third greatest economy based...


Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization

Thousands of years passed between the invention of the wheel and the installation of the first conveyor-based automobile...


Economics of Environment and Natural Resources

Many individuals are concerned about their own welfare at the expense of the environment. In other words, people do not care about either the future generation, or other species...


Economic Segregation at Schools

Segregation has always been one of the most vital social issues in the USA. Economic segregation implies differentiation of people based on their material welfare.


Oil Prices and Petrol Exporting Nations’ Economy

Varying implicit suppositions with respect to the reaction of the total value level to changes in total interest underlie a considerable number of the most critical debates in the field...


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